Croinuts are the New York phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. Crusty on the outside with a creamy surprise inside, croinuts stop traffic and create queues of foodies lining up for a taste that is divinely inspired.

Welcome the Year of the Golden Horse with our specially designed prosperity croinuts in the figure “8”.  The number  eight sounds like “luck” in Cantonese. The figure “8” is also the symbol of infinity.  Experience our Prosperity Croinuts this festive season for auspicious blessings of good health, abundance and fortune.

Priced at RM 12.80+ per piece,  there are 6 flavours to choose from: Toffee Orange, Lemon Raspberry, Nutella Banana,  Apple Crumble, Chocolate Brownie and Vanilla Oreo.

Our Prosperity Croinuts are available daily at our Rasa Deli from 3pm to 4pm from 25 January until 14 February, 2014. For more details, please call 04-888 8788.

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