Manmaru Udon is one of the new icon in Mid Valley where the shop serves a variety of udon. Bringing the concept of fast food which added with the open kitchen concept is simply interesting. The concept of the fast food style concept of udon is pretty interesting where you can get to have a look on how the udon is being cook. In here, you get to taste a total of 10 types noodles which you can find cold or even hot udon.

The process of ordering is simply simple where it is just need to make the ordering with your udon and next you can have your top-up on your udon with some charges. Aside, you can also had your drinks ordered to complete your meal. After paying, move over to the Tempura Sauce Counter to make your sauce. They have Ginger, White Radish and tempura flakes to be added into the tempura sauce.

Curry Udon (カレーうどん) is next which is being served in their menu. Bringing us with the pungent smell of Japanese curry, the flavors are thick where it is suitable for people who have stronger flavortaste buds.
Small: RM10.90; Large: RM12.90

Kimchi Udon (キムチうどん ) is one of the udon which is to the spicier version. According to the boss here, the delight is simply created to suits the Malaysia tastebuds where Japanese does not savour the udon this way. Perhaps Malaysian are spoilt with choices here.
Small: RM11.90; Large: RM13.90

Niku Udon (ニクうどん) is perfectly one of our favourites too. The pipping hot udon soup with the sliced of beef topped on top is just perfect. The generous portion of juicy tender beef is just perfect to warm our tummy during the rainy day with the spinach which is topped on top.
Small: RM12.90; Large: RM14.90
Something special here which is the Cream Corn Udon (クリームコーンうどん ) is served next to our table. The light and creamy sweet corn soup is really appetizing and unique to try for.
Small: RM12.90; Large: RM 14.90
If you are looking for some cold stuff, why not try their Zaru Udon (ざるうどん) where the all time favorite cold noodles is being served together with the dipping sauce. Enjoying them is just very simple, where all you need is to dip the udon into the dipping sauce and slurp it up. The noodles brings us with the bouncy texture and cooling taste too.
Small RM8.90, RM10.90 large

Kamaage Udon (釜揚げうどん) served on the hot water along with the hot dipping kamaage sauce which comprised of dashi, soy sauce and roasted sesame seed. The noodles is just perfect where it is well absorb with the flavors from the kamaage sauce. This brings us with the aromatic, springy and bouncy noodles. Perfect!
Price: RM 12.90

Bukake Udon (ぶっかけうどん) is where the cold udon is being served which is topped with the white radish on top. Mix the soup with the radish together and it gives us a very refreshing taste.
Small: RM9.90; Large: RM11.90

Kamo Seiro Udon (鴨せいろうどん) is heavenly. The bowl of clean soba is served with the heavenly taste of duck gravy. The duck is well smoked resulting a smoky flavored broth. I love the smoky flavors of the tender juicy duck meat.
Small: RM13.90;Large: RM15.90,

Accompanying together with the udon, you can find many snacks too
Kabocha Tempura (かぼちゃ天ぷら)
Deep fried pumpkin.

Enoki Tempura (えのき天ぷら)
Deep fried golden needle mushroom.

Ebi Tempura (海老天ぷら)
Deep fried juicy prawn.

Nasu Tempura (茄子天ぷら )
Deep fried eggplant.

Tori Karaage (トリの唐揚げ)
Traditional Japanese fried chicken.


Yasai Kakiage Tempura – deep fried tempura
Price: RM 1.80

Ika Karage- Fried calamari
Price: RM 3.30
Hanjuku Tamago – hot spring egg
Price: RM 2.00

Manmaru Homemade Udon まんまる
S-045A, Center Court,
Second Floor,
Midvalley City Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
**Located directly above Madam Kwan/ Pasta Zanmai
Tel: +603 2282 0287

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