KFC is ushering the Chinese New Year in style with a tasty comeback of the famous Golden Wrap Chicken, opening up to a whole new experience for all its fans. Back by popular demand and with feedback from our customers, our product development team created a new twist to the taste of the Golden Wrap Chicken. This time around featuring the New Orleans flavour  – a blend of southern American herbs and spices.

Consisting of two pieces of chicken on a bed of juicy, mouth-watering, sliced button mushrooms, all wrapped up in a special paper and cooked to perfection, the Golden Wrap chicken goes well with the delicious butterscotch bun and KFC’s favorite sides of mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

“The secret of this superb creation lies in the marinade. Once the wrapped chicken is cooked the marinade caramelizes onto the chicken and other ingredients, fusing them together with all the juices sealed in,” said Ling Mee Jiuan, Senior Vice President, KFC Malaysia.

“With the tagline ‘Open up to irresistible joy’ the new product not only invites you to literally open up the paper package to reveal your tasty chicken, but also to open your taste buds  to a new way of having your favourite KFC chicken! We are confident that this comeback would definitely be a hit with all of our KFC customers this coming holiday season,” she added.

Targeted at all segments of consumers, the KFC Golden Wrap is affordably priced. For a single meal that consists of one Golden Wrap chicken (two pieces of chicken) and one Revive drink (regular size which can be upsized to large for free), it is priced at RM9.95. Customer can opt for an add-on of both regular whipped potato and a bun, or a bowl of rice for RM1.90.

Meanwhile, in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities, customers can opt for the Golden Wrap feast to enjoy with family and friends. The feast contains three sets of Golden Wrap chicken (six pieces of chicken), three butterscotch buns, one large whipped potato, one large coleslaw, one large fun fries and a bottle of Revive (1.5L) at an affordable price of RM39.90. The Golden Wrap chicken is also available in two types of irresistible combos of which both include your choice of Original Recipe or Hot & Spicy fried chicken. All prices stated here are valid in Peninsular Malaysia (except Legoland, Genting, KLIA and LCCT).

The advertising and promotional strategy for this promotion includes TV, radio and press advertising, online media, outdoor and point-of-sales materials for a wider reach to customers. The KFC Golden Wrap Chicken will be available for a period of two months (or while stocks last) at all KFC restaurants in the country starting from 21 January 2014. In conjunction with the launch of the Golden Wrap Chicken, KFC is also launching their Line account.

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