Chinese New Year has come again and the year of Horse shall be celebrated with full of energy among the family and friends. Delighted with cheers over foods and ang pau, Dorsett Grand Subang offers and extensive experience for families and friends to gather and celebrate the Chinese New Year over its own authentic Cantonese Cuisine at The Emperor Chinese Restaurant.

In the spirit of Chinese New Year Festive Celebration, we had one of their set which is the Goodview set for this round. Packaged at RM 1388++ for a table of 8-10 persons, there are 9 dishes including the desserts and also the yu sheng.


We started with the Prosperity All Year Round which is served with the Prosperity Yee Sang with Soft Shell Crab and Korean Pear. Colorful Yee Sang which is filled with the salmon slices and the crispy soft shell crab on top is just perfect for the yee sang. Other condiments which is added includes the sesame oil, plum sauce, sun dried orange peel, pomelo, korean pears, shredded vegetables, crackers, toasted peanuts and pickles. Other than the Yee Sang with Salmon, diners can opt for the ala-carte menu where there is a choice of Yee Sang with the Jelly Fish and Fresh Fruity, Yee Sang with the Salmon Fish and Crispy Fish Fritters, Prosperity Yee Sang with Salmon Fish and Korean pear which is available for ala- carte order in half portion or full portion starting at RM48.00++ to RM 358.00++

Prosperity Yee Sang with Jelly Fish and Fresh Fruity
Half Portion: RM 48.00 / Full Portion: RM 98.00

Prosperity Yee Sang with Salmon Fish And Crispy Fish Fritters
Half Portion: RM 68.00 / Full Portion: RM 138.00

Prosperity Yee Sang with Salmon Fish and Korean Pear
Half Portion: RM 68.00 / Full Portion: RM 138.00

Prosperity Rainbow Yee Sang with Crispy Soft Shell Crab and Korean Pear
Half Portion: RM 68.00 / Full Portion: RM 138.00

Prosperity Yee Sang with Sliced Abalone and Korean Pear
Half Portion: RM 178.00 / Full Portion: RM 358.00

Replacing the usual shark fins soup, we had a nourishing bowl of the Double-Boil Cordyceps Flower with Dried Scallops and Black Chicken. Bringing the taste of home cook meals, I am pretty delighted and enjoy the awesome soup.


Roasted Spring Chicken is next we had. The spring chicken is being roasted till golden brown leaving the crunchy taste of the skin as well the juicy meat that comes together.

Next we had the butter prawns which are topped with the chicken floss on top. The juicy prawns with the creamy butter taste added with some herbs in it makes is so good and the juiciness of the prawns remains in it. The taste is addictive flavoursome too.

The fish comes next, the delicious fresh Steamed Red Snapper with Golden Garlic and Superior Soya Sauce is one of my favorite of the night. Own blended by the chef tself, the dish is simply flavorful and the red snapper which is served fresh gives the blend of sweetness and it is simply delicious.

We had the Vegetable next, which is served with sea cucumber,brocolli as well dried oyster with it. It is so nice to have them after a few meaty and seafood delights.


Steamed White Rice, Glutinous Rice with Assorted Preserved Meat in Lotus Leaf (鶯鴦什錦臘味荷叶饭) ended our mains. Well made rice delights with the assorted preserved meat in Lotus Leaf filled our tummy before we heads for desserts.

We ended with the Deep-Fried Chinese New Year Cake with Glutinous Dumpling “Shanghai” Style (香脆年糕拼芝麻雷沙汤丸). This is where we are served with the Nian Gao with the yam and sweet potato which is being wrapped and deep fried. As for the glutinous dumplings, it is being stuffed with the black sesame and being wrapped with the glutinous dumpling. It is then being added with grated peanut on top makes it even prefect.

We ended with something sweet in the meals, the Chilled Mango Puree with Fresh Mix Fruit and Sogo is just good and delicious as it is. Bites of waterchessnuts wih the sago and mix fruits is something cool to end our lovely meals with a sweet tought.

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