– Sky Scrappers in Hong Kong : Here I come –
Upon arrival, we had ourself going through the Customs and collect our luggage. After passing through all the neccesery prosedures, here we come for the FUN. What we usually do when we are in the airport is to get a few things up before we heads to the hotel.
Getting the local telephone number is one of thing that I will recommend to do. I am always in Instagram, Facebook and checking emails too. With the internet like subscribe with the PCCW company which cost me at HKD 96.00 (8 days pass). There is an option of 5-Day Pass which is at HKD$69. We had surveyed some of the telephone service available in Hong Kong where they do have unlimited calls and internet which is at the more expensive rate. Since, we had no plan for calling out to any Malaysian numbers, we stick with at HKD 96.00. The package comes with 5G internet package for 8 days which is more then enough to be used in Hong Kong.
Travel make easy with Octopus Card which you can purchase them with at HKD 150 where the HKD 50 is for the deposit and you can use the Octopus Card at any places you go. In Hong Kong, the Octopus Card is widely use where you can use them for purchasing goods, transportation, shopping mall, and more. It is very convenient when we are in Hong Kong. It is just a multipurpose card for you to get along in Hong Kong.
It is not difficult to get to hotel in Airport. An option of MTR, taxi and bus is so convenient. We decided to get a bus down to hotel which took us approximately an hour to reach the hotel. With the bus, you can enjoy the view with the sky scrappers building. Of course, bus is the cheapest option to get to the town. It is just HKD 36.00 to to town via bus compare to HKD 80.00 via MTR. If you are looking for the cheap option, you can get the bus and the bus station is located walking distance from the airport itself. Once you get out of the airport, in front will be the MTR station and just turn to your left and walk straight, there you can get the whole list of areas where the bus passes through and you can decide which bus you should take.

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