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Topshelf a place which is located around Lorong Rahim Kajai 13 has been a place to dine for French and Italian dishes. Helmed by the handsome Chef Christopher Yee and partnered by the charming Hairenna Othman, the restaurant had been operated almost for 2 years. Chef Christopher who is training in French cuisine in Europe had maintains the item the best and freshest ingredient to served to the customer.



Moules mariniere brings me with the slurpy delicious taste. Served in the Chasseur with the bread layed beside it is very beautifully done. The New Zealand white mussels is being soaked with dry white wine and it is added with leeks, and fresh tomato with it. The portion is filling with over 20 mussels inside swimming in the bowl of souo. The taste is simply divine.
Price: RM 30.00

Les escargots au beurre us simply an item which completely melts my heart off. The snails are well baked in the butter laced combination with the aromatic herbs which is well infuced in the escargots. The delicious temptations of the escargots with the complete freshness is just so good which we love to grab another piece of it.
Price: RM 23.00

Salad nicoise bringing us with some greenies. The classic French salad served together ith the seared tuna, olives, eggs, French beans and mixed greens. The salad is added with their own olive oil, shallots, and a pinch of the lemon juice with it. Nicely done with the half eggs decorated and well seared with juiciness with it.
Price: RM 20.00

Pumpkin Ravioli is one of the traditional type of Italian filled pasta where it is being composed with the filling sealed between two layers of thin egg pasta dough and are served either in broth or with a pasta sauce. In Top Shelf, the pumpkin Ravioli us being stuffed with with the roasted pumpkin together with the spinach and bricota cheese together. Aded together with it is the brown butter sauce which gives a cheesy fragrant flavours.
Price: RM 25.00
As for the main course, we had the Coq Au Vin. Well marinated with red wine chicken thigh is being braised till perfection. It s then being cooked together with the mushrroms, shallots and chessnuts with the burgundy jus. The delicious juicy meat is well infused with the flavors and bring us with the appetizing blend which is thumbs up.
Price: RM 28.00


Beef lover should give the dish a try. The Beef ribs bourguigon is well done till perfection where the beef ribs is being drained with red wine and braised for 5-6 hours. It is then added with the sauce together with the champignon, carrots and shallots together with the red wine in it. Delicious and a big thumbs up for this. The sauce is very flavourful added with the juicy beef meat in it.
Price: RM 36.00

Next we had the Confit de canard. The slow cooked duck which is being marinated with spice and baked till 70 degrees and the duck had been removed on its bone and it is then being pan fried. The slow cooked duck lef in its own fat, foudamy potato, braised cabbage and salad.

As for the pasta, we tried 2 types of pasta which is the pesto capellini. The pesto cappelini is their homemade pesto in Top Shelf which is where they use the combination of basil, pinenuts as well as truffle in it too. The angel hair pasta together with the pesto, toasted pine nut, truffle ooil and shaved parmesan is simply a thumbs up to try off as well.
Price: RM 28.00

We also tried the Linguini alle Vongole. This dish is a great combination of delights to try off as well Served with the linguine, venus clams, white wine and fresh herbs together, it give us a refreshing taste and the linguini is cooked al-dente which is just perfect.
Price: RM 30.00

We ended with the desserts of course. The Crème Brulee is where the creamy custard topped with a paper caramel crust. The taste is just perfect where the crème brulee is custard is soft and creamy with the fragrant taste of the custard. Delicious.
Price: RM 20.00

Next we gave the Apple Tatte Tatin. The famed upside down apple pie wth the vanilla ice cream is very delicious. The sweet delights is just perfect and well done. It is for sure melts my heart after the first scope and it is not too sweet but it is good.
Price: RM 20.00

Last but not least is the Vanilla – Malibu Parfait where it is the medly of Berries Compote
Price: RM22.00

Topshelf (French Restaurant)
61, Lorong Rahim Kajai 13
Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, 60000
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7727 7277

Dinner only (4pm-12 midnight)
Closed on Sundays

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