Choosing an aircond for my room is simply a hard choice. This new home, we had surveyed a few aircond and I am in the dilemma of getting aircond from Panasonic or Sharp. Finally, we had made the decision to get the Sharp Aircond.

But it is very unfortunate that the Sharp Aircond for 1.5 HP and 2 HP inverter does not have stock and contractors are rushing us to get them and install asap. As so, we had made a decision of getting our master bed room and hall – Panasonic, and the other 2 rooms with Sharp Aircond.

Why Sharp 1.0HP inverter PCI Air Con [AHXP-10NRV]?

( Pictures from Sharp Malaysia)

The Inverter Technology which I am looking at where it has the instant low wattage function where it is energy saving.. Sharp’s inverter air conditioners reduce energy consumption to 52% that of non-inverter models after three hours of operation

( Pictures from Sharp Malaysia)

 Plamacluster ions – High density 7000 which clean the room air powerfully and quickly. Plamacluster Ions remove airborne contaminants and mold which is build in makes me save a bit of money as I do not need to buy another air purifier with it.

( Pictures from Sharp Malaysia)

Super Jet Stream cools a room and your body quickly. This is where Sharp Aircond can provide a strong, direct airflow that instantly cools your body down. Powerful Jet technology cools you down quickly, offering instant relief from a hot, humid day outside or after exercise or other physical activities. A single button delivers a cool, refreshing blast of air that revives and energizes the body.I love the function especially after a HOT day at the outside and we need a cooling aircond asap.

( Pictures from Sharp Malaysia)

Gentle Cooling Mode cools the room gently without direct blow of cold dry air to the body, comfortable for baby & elderly. This is indeed an add on to where I felt old people would love it as they believe the direct cool air from aircond to their body might cause rheumatism.

Overall I am happy with the purchase as the room is cold very fast and I can see there is energy saving due to the inverter function.

Price: RM 1199

Where I purchase ?

Address : 4, Jalan 21/12, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.Malaysia

Phone : 603-78740328

Mobile :017-6108189 Christine/ 017-6658189 Kevin

Fax : 603-78748328



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