Lucky Best Kopitiam is one of the coffeeshop which is located in Sri Gombak. At there, it is pretty hard to find some kopitiam for food sometimes especially on evenings. As so, we made our visit to the Lucky Best Restaurant at Sri Gombak to try of the food there. Nothing fancy about the restaurant, they do have few stalls includes the stir fried stall, chicken rice, and they have bbq chicken stalls and more there.

The bak kut teh there was simply fragrant where we can smell the bak kut teh flavors from afar. The bak kut teh fragrance is perfectly smells and I am totally falling in love with the thick brooth which is being served. The pork is also good to be tasted with the tender and juicy. Pretty flavorful soup which I love it.
Price: RM 20.00/2 pax

Western Food Set is what we had where the western food set is filled us with the black pepper chicken and bed of deep fried potato chips with it. Tender chicken which is being served together with the scrumptious hot and spicy black pepper sauce with it is just superb.
Price: RM 8.00

You can find some pan mee here as well. The pan mee here is just good with their handmade noodles and the flavorful soup. It is topped with the crispy textured ikan bilis on it. Just sweet and savory soup with the topped ingridients with it.
Price:RM 4.00

We ended ordering the BBQ chicken where the chicken is glazed with honey and being bbq-ed. The chicken is just perfectly done on the bbq and it is just delicious as it is to be.
Price:RM 2.00/ pair

Jalan SG 3/0, Pusat Bandar Sri Gombak, Batu Caves, Selangor, Batu Caves, 68100


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