Hong Kong trip is pretty much easier where the country itself is very easy to be access via MRT and busses all round.  The trip in Hong Kong is so convenient and what we need is some apps which I had downloaded via the Apple Store for free to get my way in traveling all round Hong Kong. Being one of the popular tourist attraction, kudos to Hong Kong Tourism where they have a very good apps to bring us through the popular places in Hong Kong too. What you need is a data line when you are in Hong Kong but they do have lots of free Wifi where you can access too.


Before our trip to Hong Kong, I had downloaded the Openrice HK apps.  The apps where brings you where to eat in Hong Kong. This apps is pretty famous in Hong Kong where it is being contribute by the users of Openrice there. You can read some of the reviews before popping to the restaurant to avoid some disappointment.

Discover Hong Kong is another apps which is I always use when I am in Hong Kong. They do have a vast variety of apps which you can download like City Walk, Heritage Walk and more. I found the apps pretty interesting but apparently I did not use them in my trip in HK. In the apps, you can find the Top 10 places to visit in Hong Kong for your reference as well as how to go there with the public transport. It is conveniently to visit the places you love to go with the apps installed.

But not least, I will recommend to download the MTR apps. The list of how to go about from your current destination to the next destination and you can easily know where to transfer your line easily.

With this few apps, you can conveniently explore Hong Kong.

Money Changer- It is not much a different for searching money changer in Malaysia. I had mine change at 1 Utama Old Wing which is at  RM 2000 for around HKD 4914.00. It is pretty good rate which I compared a few around Klang Valley which includes The Curve, KLCC and more. You can still have your money changed in Hong Kong but the rate is not really a good one though. If you have not enough cash, you can still use your credit card and many places in Hong Kong is really convenient when using the credit card. Since we plan to go Macau, we do not need to change MOP as HKD is also widely accepted in Macau.

Many asked if you need Visa, to HK there is no visa needed and if you go to Macau from HK, there Is not a need to get a visa though.

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