Popular Seoul- based Korean franchise- The Bulgogi Brothers is rolling out a new selection of their new appetizers as well as the hearty mains to mirror the change in season and demand for warm, satisfying comfort food in the region. The Bulgogi Brothers restaurant which is first opened in Gang-Nam, south of Seoul has now over 40 outlets in South Korea, Canada, Philipines, Indonesia and Malaysia. In Bulgogi, we had enjoy numerous of their flavorful appetizing dishes on the night



As usual, in Bulgogi Brothers, we are being served with a variety starters which is good.

Indulge in bold new flavors and savour Bulgogo Brother’s signature Ginseng Chicken Soup or Samgyetang consisting of a whole young soring chicken which weight at 800grams. The chicken is being stuffed with the jujubes, ginseng, garlic, chessnuts, and sticky rice in it. Delicously made indeed and the ginseng soup is just perfect comfort food during the rainy days for sure. The delicious Ginseng Soup is only available for a month from 9 December 2013 till 9 January 2014.
Price: RM 45.90



Next we had the Sauteed Beef Wraps which is called the Sogogi Milssam. The colorful and wonderfully presented dish of natural wheat flour coloured pancakes – which includes Beetroots, Spinach and original taste. Then, the pancakes wraps are being filled with the delicious seasoned souteed beef slices, and crunchy julienned poraro.
Price: RM 19.90

Next we have other good new hors d’oeuvres offered by Bulgogi Brothers to stimulate your appetite include the Crispy Tofu with Chicken which is an essentially fried tofu square with the beautifully marinated diced chicken drizzled with the teriyaki sauce and served with bean sprouts. The tofu is well meade where it is not too soft but it gives us a great texture of it with the juicy chicken meat. I love it so much!
Price: RM 15.90

We also have the Chicken Mango Salad. The special salad muxed with the sweet and sour citrus dressing and it is being topped with the seasonal chicken and fresh mango with it. Topped with the balsamic sauce ontop, the creation had made it more attractive. The chicken meat which is tender and juicy with the sweet mango is just perfect with the bed of greenies with it. Indeed a healthy combination
Price: RM 19.90



For those who prefer poultry based barbecue, Bulgogi Brothers is also introducing Spicy Chicken Bulgogi highlighting a tantalizing dish of juicy chicken thighs marinated in signature Bulgogi sauce and served with rice cakes and choices of vegetables. The spicy chicken bulgogi is recommended to cook about 5- 10 minutes leaving us a juicy texture of the chicken meat. It is being served together with rice.
Price: RM 29.90

Not only that, for those who are bee lover and for the heart-warming concoctions, stave of the lu with the new Beef Short Ribs Soup. Rediscover the essense of the superb homemade broth in 3 hours simmering time, arduously prepared rich but nutritiously delicate soup which is made from quality short ribs and Korean herbs.
Price: RM 39.90

We ended with the Bulgigi Brothers Special where the special assorted Bulgogi combination of Untang-style ( seasoned beef and hand pressed into heart shapes) as well as the Gwangyang-styyle Bulgogi (thinky sliced seasoned beef served with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, leeks and onions) is superbly good. By using the Angus Cow, the meat is juicy and tender as it is leaving a chewy delicious temptations in it.
Price: RM 81.90

Location: Bulgogi Brothers, GB13 & 13A, Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall, 1, Jalan Kelana SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

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