It is the start of the Hairy Crab season which is a delicacy that is craved by many throughout the year. The usual hairy crab season starts in the ninth month of the Chinese Lunar calendar, which is usually around mid October. The Yangcheng Lake in Suzhou near Shanghai is renowned for the best quality hairy crabs which are in great demand.

The essence of Hairy Crab is the roe and the protein inside the crab.  Female crabs are at its best in the ninth month, filled with roe and protein and male crabs become the preference by the tenth month for the roe and meat. Hairy crabs are also known as Chinese mitten crabs for their furry, mitten-like claws are highly sought after for their sweet and delicate meat and rich, bright-orange roe. These seasonal crustaceans are a Shanghainese delicacy and are believed by the Chinese to have a ‘cooling’ effect on our bodies.

Authentic hairy crab can be identified by a shiny back with an oily-looking texture.  The female has much more roe and the texture is also harder or firmer as compared to the male’s. Underneath, it should be ivory-coloured and ripe with roe. The rear portion of the crab must look like it is almost bursting. A female’s roe is usually totally red in colour while the male’s is white or transparent. When it is held, it should feel heavy.

Hairy crab is steamed with herb leaves and served with ginger in black vinegar dipping to enhance the exquisite flavour of the crab meat and roe. For those who want to go all out, opt for the sumptuous hairy crab available in a five course set menu that features dishes such as Crab Meat in Golden Soup, Steamed Hairy Crab, Poached Seasonal Vegetables and Fried Rice with Ginger, Dry Scallop & Egg White. Price at RM168++ per set. This hairy crab is also offered in the a la carte price of RM98++ per crab. Available from 1st November till stocks last. This promotion is available for both lunch and dinner.

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For more information on Di Wei Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, kindly contact 03 – 5565 1388 or log onto today.

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