Cassia Café is one of the halal western outlet we had during our trip down to Shah Alam. Cassia Café which is located at the heart of the Shah Alam City which is just around 5 minutes away from the I-City as well as nearby the industrial area of Shah Alam. The restaurant brings you with lots of choices of dishes to try off.

Starting with some appetizers the buffalo wings was amazingly good. The buffalo wings was well marinated with their special sauce in it. The buffalo wings was well prepared and was well glazed with the spicy peri peri sauce with it. The Buffalo Wings was being served with the ranch dressing which superbly good and appetizing.
Price: RM 12.00


Next we had the Cassia Fried Rice. The fried rice which was being served with a slice of juicy lamb on top. The fried rice brings us with the light spiciness and it was cooked together with kunyit, chilly, sliced carrot and some red chilly together with it The delicious item was worthwhile and value for money too.
Price: RM 10.00

One of the signature here in Cassia was the Lamb Shank. Using the premium lamb shank, the Australian Lamb Shank that we had was quite a large portion of it. The lamb shank is being slow cook for 5-6 hours . It was then added with a small portion of the cinnamon in it to give the blend of taste. With the infused sauce from the lamb shank itself, the gravy us thick with the supperb flavorful sauce with it. Tender and succulent meat of the lamb shank can be tasted on the lamb shank itself.
Price: RM 59.00
Next we had the chicken perrilicious is where the chicken was another signature in Cassia Café. The chicken is being marinated with their home made peri sauce and it was being served with 2 choice of sides. The chicken meat is pretty tender and juicy which brought up a good match of the meal itself
Price: RM 15.00

For fish lover, the salmon steak is recomended. The Norwagien Salmon is being slow grilled to perfection and served with 2 choices of sides. The salmon was fresh and the juiciness of the fish was there too. The portion is a large one too.
Price: RM 20.00

The Onion Burger was a good one too. In Cassia, they are using their chacoal bun which is more to a healthier side and it is served together with their grilled homemade beef patty. It is being served together with the crispy onion rings as well as chips with it. It is superbly a good combination to dine for.
Price: RM 18.00
If you are a beef lover, do try their Steak Frites. Using 220 grams of 100% australian beef, the beef espada was well served on the plate with the grill with it. It was being served with 1 sideline as well as a choice of their homemade sauce. The meat is tender and juicy which gave us a umpph.
Price:RM 35.00
– Lime Mojoto-

Mojitos : Lime & Blue Lagoon
Price: RM 12.00

No 46, Jalan Keluli an7/an,
Pusat Perindustrian Bukit Raja (Seksyen7),
Shah alam, Selangor
019-448 5453

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