Kiraku Japanese Restaurant is also a newcomer to the local F&B scene but has a lot to offer its diners. The restaurant itself is well located in one of the prime location in Cyberjaya welcoming the authentic modern Japanese Dishes which is focusing on teppanyaki.


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The name “Kiraku” means “comfortable, at ease” in Japanese, and this certainly holds true to Kiraku’s inviting interior. As you step into the main hall of the restaurant, you are greeted with sushi and beverage bars. The restaurant also boasts a generous amount of private rooms that cater to groups of different sizes, including a small, intimate room just for two. The larger rooms also contain their own teppanyaki station where the specially trained teppanyaki chefs prepare their dishes right in front of diners.


We started our meals with the great delicious Ramen Salad. Served with the cold soba, the ramen salad was just well prepared as it is with the cooling sensation. The ramen salad is served together with the breadcrumbs, tomato, cucumber and greenies. The refreshing taste with the light soury taste is appetizing as it is and it is a good combination to appetize your taste bites before going for the mains.
Price: RM 18.00

Besides the appetizing delights from the Kiraku Special Roll. Well made with the light spiciness infused in it , the special roll is being stuffed with mango, green apple, chilli and prawn. It is superbly prepared where the combination of sweet and soury bites is perfect. With the chopped chili added to it, the delights give more suprises. Kudos Kiraku! for the excellent combination.
Price: RM 25.00

As for the teppanyaki, we had their premium set which includes Mizu Soup and also as rice. The seafood platter comes with a variety of seafood which can be share for 2-3 pax. This includes 150g of cod fish. 5 pcs of tiger prawns, 5 pcs of USA Scallops and 250 g of Yari Squids. The delicious item are superbly done with the great sauces and the chef had put the effort to serve us with great presentation.
Kiraku has serves us with the US Scallops which is freshly prepared where the scallops are big in its portions with the juiciness with it. The together with the prawns, it is just superb where each prawns are freshly prepared with the complete juiciness in it. The dish is creatively served to our plates as well


The next preparation is on the cod fish itself where it is well pan fried with the sweet teppanyaki sauce with it. It is added with the light spiciness with it which creates a savory taste of the dish. Served together with it is the sweet teppanyaki sauce. The delights brings us with the light sweetness and spiciness together with it which is just perfect.


As for the Premium Combination set, it is being served with the Blank Angus Tenderloin Beef (200g) , King Prawn (1 pc), chicken (200g) and Salmon (Norway ) which is at RM236.00. Each of the delicious item is well prepared till perfection.

I love the Blank Angus Tenderloin Beef which cutted perfectly to square pieces and the beef is complete with the juiciness and the succulent flavors in it. The beef brings up the tender taste with the juiciness in it. It is just perfect to have it at the medium rare. It is well accompanied with the tender chicken meat of the the creamy mushroom sauce.

Chef also made the combination of the King Prawn with the Salmon from Norway. A great combination wth the zesty orange sauce and the light spiciness in the dish, both the ingridients are simply fresh and deliciously made.

The set meal also include a filling delicious garlic fried rice too with the fragrant top of garlic taste with the egg.

We ended with the desserts as well. Banana Flambe with Matcha Ice Cream which is a simple dessert. The grilled banana is served with a large scope of the matcha ice cream and drizzled with colourful sauces and flakes. It is pretty special and something sweet for us to end our meals.
Price: RM 22.90

Highly recommended dessert- The crème brulee brings us with the smooth, rich and creamy texture. The desserts served well with the torched of crisp caramel with the soft custard. Lovely.

Kiraku Japanese Restaurant is also one of the joining restaurant for MIGF 2013. Do make a visit there from 1st to 30th October to enjoy their mouth watering festival dishes.

P3- 25, Shaftsbury Square Persiaran Multimedia,
Cyber 6, 6300 Cyberjaya,
Selangor D.E, Malaysia,
Phone: 03-8318 6003

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