Li Yen is another place to dine for the delicious mooncakes. The mooncake from Li Yen which click to my mind is laways the Moet and Chandon Rose where it kills a lot of the mooncake lovers hearts.

And this year, Li Yen have a large variety of moonceks which includes the mini white lotus paste and even more. This year, they come out with 10 types of baked mooncakes and 4 mini snow skin flavours.

Li Yen Mooncake
If you love to get their luxury mooncake, give try to the the Moet and Chandon Champagne Mini Ping Pei or Moet and Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne Mini Ping Pei. For this round, besides the Moet and Chandon Rose Imperial Champagne Mini Ping Pei, we grab the taste of their mooncakes which touches my hearts.

I love the Mini White Lotus Paste where the lotus mooncakes is just melts in the mouth with the smooth texture. It is just a nice petite taste which is just lovely and delicious. I just love the petite size of the mooncake which is not too heavy.

Mooncakes at Li Yen will be available throughout the Mid-Autumn Festival starting from August 1st until September 19th 2013. Prices start from MYR15.50 each, plus prevailing government tax and also come in boxes of four and eight, ideal for gifts and special occasions. Guests may call The Ritz-Carlton, Kuala Lumpur at (603) 2142 8000 to make a reservation or place an order at Li Yen.

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