Utara Café in Armada Hotel had just launch their Go Fish Menu for the month of September. The Go Fish menu is bringing the variety of the fish delights to our plates which is all the way from Chef Chew culinary experiences. This time, we are being invited to review their Go Fish Menu which is just a perfect date for the month of September.


Swimming all the way, we are being served with the Herb Crusted Salmon. The Norwegian Salmon are being coated with the crunchy crusted herbs over it and it is laid on top by a bed stewed leeks and potato below. The fresh Norwegian Salmon is just perfect and tantalizing my tastebuds too. Just well pan fried with the juiciness of the salmon retained, the dish is superbly indulging to my liking.
Price: RM 31.00


We also had the Grilled Broiled Snapper. Freshly grilled snapper which is being served with the Potatoes, Broccoli, and topped with the Colarine Sauce is just perfectly done. The deliciously well made snapper is just heavenly where the Colarine Sauce which is added to make a great mix to the whole dish. We are too tempted with the fresh snapper and the portion is quite a large one too.
Price: RM 28.00


Not to forget is the Canadian Cod Steak. The Canadian Cod Steak is simply a dish you might be looking for if you are a cod fish lover. The fresh cod fish is being grilled and it is then being served with some garden salad. The citrus sauce which is added on top is just a perfect match which give the zestiness of the overall taste of the Canadian Cod Steak. Just lovely and perfect.
Price: RM 31.00

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