Kin No Mizu Japanese restaurant, the sister company of Mizu Japanese Dining is not something new in the market. Kin No Mizu is well located at The Intermark. The restaurant itself had developed since 2004 with the beautiful external feature wall with its cascading water and clear water walkway that amounted atop a bed of running water and oval stones. Kin No Mizu, once I stepped into the restaurant, it give me a homely feel and we were greeted with a smile when we reached.

Kin No Mizu do participate in the KL Restaurant week where they bring us with more affordable meals where Dinner Menu is served at RM 50/set while Lunch Menu at RM 20/set

We started off with the lunch menu where the set is being served with the Avocado and Tuna Salad as well as Kitsune Udon with Mini Gyudon.

Avocado and Tuna Salad

The Avacado and Tuna Salad is well prepared where the greenies is served together with the slice of fresh avocado as well as slices of Tuna in it. The dish is deliciously made where the tuna is just good as it is. The tuna meat is amazingly delicious with the fresh texture of the tuna itself. We love it so much

Kitsune Udon with Mini Gyudon
The set also include the Kitsune Udon with Mini Gyudon. The Japanese Inaniwa Noodle in soup, topped with simmered, deep-fried bean curd. The bowl of udon is just perfect and delicious as it is where the noodles is smooth wand the flavours from the soup is sweet which is well absorb to the noodles itself.

Mini Gyudon

The mini sized beef rice bowl is as perfect as it is. The deliciously made beef rice bowl is just superbly made where the succulent beef meat is just tender and juicy. We are just fall in love with the juiciness of the beef rice there.
and mini-sized beef rice bowl.

Price: RM 20.00/set

Dinner Set
As for the dinner, the offerings for the set is even much more interesting menu where it comes with 3 items which is at RM 50/set

Salmon Carpaccio and Roasted Wild Duck
Tenderly Braised Ox Cheek Meat with a specially blended sauce

Kitsune Udon served with Miso Soup
Nigiri Sushi served with Miso Soup

Salmon Carpaccio and Roasted Wild Duck

Salmon Carpaccio and Roasted Wild Duck
The menu is being served with the selection Salmon Carpaccio and Roasted Wild Duck as the appetizers. The salmon carpaccio is good bringing the hint of a light wasabi taste with it. The roasted wild duck is slightly tough on the meat which I do not really falling in love with it.

Tenderly Braised Ox Cheek Meat

As for the Ox Cheek, it is well braised till the meat is tender and added with their specially blended sauce. The deliciously well made Braised Ox Cheek meat is just perfectly made with the juiciness of the meat itself with the tender texture of the cheek meat. With the special sauce , it adds more flavors to eat which make it even more superb.

Udon served with Miso Soup
As for the mains, you can choose to have the Kitsune Udon or Nigiri Sushi. Kitsune Udon is my favorite of all where it is served with the succulent and silky noodles in the flavorful soup just perfect to warm our tummy. I am just falling in love with the noodles which is just perfectly made.

Nigiri Sushi served with Miso Soup
If you prefer for a lighter meal, you can choose for some sushi instead. Served with 3 choices of sushi, it is just nice enough to pamper your tummy with the light meals. The sushi is just fresh as it is that tempted me till the fullest. The set is at RM 50 per set for dinner

If you are looking for a cosy meal and would like to have a date with Kin No Mizu, book now with KL Restaurant Week where you can get a beautiful date with affordable rates.

Kin No Mizu

The Intermark, 348, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur
03-2283 6988

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