environment A new pork –free restaurant is opened recently in Damansara Utama bringing a more affordable place for meals in Damansara Utama. Located at Level 1 the same row as Village Nasi Lemak Restaurant and above Toto, you can easily spotted them. Chopstix is what the name of the shop is. Chopstix is just opened less than 1 month,and the little canteen brings up the idea of a new and trendy restaurant itself.

Chopstix is opened by 3 young entrepreneur where their dreams is to bring good food at affordable rate with their family recipe in it. Kok Hooi who is the chef, grown up with the food industry background had gave up his job in a IT company to start of his dream as a cook. Origanated from Taiping, Kok Hooi had been absorbing the talent from the family and changes the recipe slightly to cater for the market here.

curry noodles
Curry Noodles is one of the perfect delights which is just as good as it is. The superb thick curry paste with the big portion of noodels soaked with it is amazingly delicious. It is being topped with the cockles, chicken meat as well as long beans. The curry is simply flavourful which I love the most.
Price: RM 6.30

asam laksa
Serving next is the asam laksa. The asam laksa is good but I prefer the brooth to be on a thicker version. The noodles is what I love the most too comparable to many asam laksa I have tasted. It is being topped with the usual condiments of asam laksa which includes the shredded pineapple, as well as slices of the cucumber together with it.
Price: RM 5.70

nyonya laksa
Nyonya noodles, a combination of the curry and asam taste with it. The nyonya combination is served with the lai fun. To me, it is not thick enough on the soup as I prefer those with the thick gravy. For those who love to have not too thick gravy, perhaps this is good choice to dine for.
Price: RM 5.80

fried rice with chicken
We also had the Thai Drumstick Curry Chicken Rice where it is served with chef’s creation rice. Topped with the thick curry sauce on top, it gives the sensation of the spiciness and umph with it. It is topped with the sunny sun egg on top. Well delivered to our table.
Price: RM 7.50

Ended with the chicken lobak, it is just as good as it is. The succulent chicken meat with the stuffing of chicken meat and minced mengkuang and being wrapped and deep fried is just a perfect snacks to enjoy with friends too. The taste is pretty good with juicy meat in it.
Price: RM 5.00

17-M, SS21/58, Uptown , 47400 PJ Damansara, Malaysia
Tel: 011-3998 8821

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