Tsukitei Japanese Dining bringing you surprises and it another jewel for food here. Tsukitei Japanese Restaurant had been established since a year back and recently they renovated their outlet and making a brand new menu by hiring the new chef as well and staff to serve the customer better. Tsukitei, by the name itself means “moon garden” and the place itself brings us the cozy environment with the quiet atmosphere with is perfect for family dining as well as a dine with business friends as well. It is well located just above the Hero Supermarket.

In Tsukitei, they do have 3 private rooms and also a lounge to accomadate their customers. The environment is perfectly good with the beautiful bamboo feel which I fall in love with. The beautiful decoration at Tsukitei with the great environment is just perfect with the great food which is served by the new Chef –Shiga San and assist by the local chef: Eugene San.

Our meal for today is filled with surprises where we are being served Tatami Iwashi which is the Grilled Baby Sardine Cracker. The baby sardine is being sundried and then it is bring grilled till golden yellow. Being that, the sardine crackers is crunchy and also mouth watering. With just a bit, I am perfectly falling in love with the light snacks and could not stop munching the delicious snacks which is being served.
Price: RM 22.00

We also had the Eihire Aburi which is a good combination as well. Well grilled sting ray fin which gives a blend of slight saltiness but the chewy texture is just superb. It is just taste good to enjoy with the home brand sake which is being served.
Price: RM 15.00

As we know, gingko is good for health and Japanese do love gingko too. The Age Ginnan is where the gingko is well fried. The lovely yellow gingko is served together and the bite gives a sweetness bites at the beginning and the light bitterness at the end. The bitterness is due to the seeds.
Price: RM 10.00

Nama Yuba Tofu is one of the highlights in Tsukitei. The silky homemade tofu is one of the chef signature which is being recommended. The tofu is just soft and silky melts in the mouth and the touch of “fu bei”, sea urcher, and a little wasabi with it.
Price: RM 15.00

As for the main, we had the Red Snapper Combo which is where the red snapper is being served to us. Freshly prepared and the fish is still alive, we had the sashimi red snapper which is just superb. The fish meat is just sweet as it is and eating it raw is just marvelous. The fish meat simply melts in our mouth with the sweetness fresh from the fish itself.

Not only that, after enjoying the red snapper raw, the chef will deep fried the fish bones giving us the crispy bites of the leftover fish meats and the bones. It is just crunchy at it is and the fresh meat is just superb. I am just falling in love with the red snapper combo which is worth for the value.

Besides having it deep fried. We also have to enjoy them with the teppanyaki style. The fish is being served stir fried with the teppanyaki sauce. Sweet and melts in the mouth meat is just a perfect dining from the red snapper itself and each bites of the fresh red snapper is just superb and I could not resist for more. It is being served together with the grilled mushrooms with it.

You may also opt for the Red Snapper to be served in the Hot Pot Rice. The Red Snapper is being served in the delicious warm bowl of rice which is just perfect. The order is recommended for a minimum of 4 pax where you can enjoy the red snapper sliced meat served with the Japanese rice. By using the Japanese Rice, the texture of the dish will be more moist and slightly bringing the gluey flavours with it. It is being added with the enoki mushrooms and other mushrooms with it as well.
Price: RM 88/set

Dragon Roll where the king prawn maki which is being topped by fresh avocado is being served to us. The dragon roll where the frozen king prawn with it being deep fried till perfection and rolled beneath the sushi rice. The delicious crunchy juicy meat is just perfectly done and we are too enjoyed with the prawn maki itself until we forgotten about the roe which is at the head of the tiger prawn itself.
Price: RM 33.00

If you love some shabu shabu, the Australian Wahyu Shabu Shabu is worth to try as well. It is just perfect for the cold weather with the enjoyment of the tender juicy beef slices. Perfectly thinly sliced beef meat is just perfect and just dipped into the lovely soup for a minute and here you go with your delicious meat. The soup is also very flavorful where one of our blogger friends just falling in love with it and keep enjoying the soup so much.
Price: RM 158 per set which fit for 8 pax

We ended with the Kamasu Misone Nabe which is the Kamasu Fish Soup. The delicious soup pampered my tummy where the soup is simply flavorful. To me, it is slightly to the salty side but it is still good. But, for there is little bones within the fish itself, which need to take note if you would like to order the dish.

We ends our meals with some little sweet delights by the chef. The red bean mocha which add-in with the little strawberry in it touches our hearts. The chef makes the little sweet delights special where we had the little soury strawberry to end our meal.
Price: RM 6.00/set

– Tempura-

– The Grilled Fish-

– Deep fried Squids-

Other dishes available to order includes tempura, grilled fish, deep fried squids and more are available in their menu too

Price: N/A

Tsukitei Japanese Dining
C-2-1,TTDI Plaza,Jalan Wan Kadir 3,
Taman Tun Dr Ismai, 60000,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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