Our day 2 trip in Kota Kinabalu is all about sunshine and beaches. Since, we had missed our trip past 2 years at the beach, we filled them in this year for beach trip for this year. It was quite lucky to us where we can enjoy the beaches for this year where the sun are burning hot for the day. Luck is at our side. Our trip for the day, we wake up so early and take the local bus nearby to the jety which is located at Jesselton Point.

Here, we choose two islands and we bought the tickets at the counter which had cost us RM 35 per pax for two islands visit. As so, we choose Pulau Manukan and another is The Pulau Memutik. Pulau Manukan is usually a MUST visit islands for tourist if they are visiting the Tunku Abdul Rahman Island.

Here we goes to the beautiful island of Pulau Manukan and we snap some pictures of the island before we heads to another one.

Pulau Manukan is the second largest island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park, Malaysia’s first marine national park. It is located in the East Malaysian state of Sabah, just off the coast of Kota Kinabalu and is easily accessible by boat. Manukan offers clear waters and beautiful coral reefs.  Shaped like a dolphin, the island is 1½ km long.Manukan is the most popular island with Kota Kinabalu residents. Manukan has some good stretches of beaches on the southern coastline. The best beach is on the eastern tip of the island. Offshore of Manukan are coral reefs, which is ideal for snorkeling, diving and swimming. 

– The Clean Beaches of Pulau Manukan-

  – The Clean Beaches of Pulau Manukan-
 – I can even see fishes there-
 – The enjoyment of the beaches at Pulau Manukan-
 – Beneath the walking area-
– The Blue Colour Beach and it is simply relaxing-


Besides that, you may get your relaxing hotel books for a night in the island itself as well. Isn’t that beautiful to go for a relaxing holiday in Pulau Manukan :)


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