When it comes to Fuzhou Cuisine, my mind will strike on the Kong Piah which is one of the popular snacks in Sitiawan. It is one of my first impression to FuZhou Cuisine. Fuzhou Cuisine is kinda hard to find them nowadays and Marcus had made the delights from the in-law recipe to be served here and the family business had made its way to the market.

Koufu Trendy Restaurant has its own meaning behind the name of course and it’s Chinese meaning is actually ‘Yau Hau Fook’ where one has good fortune to feast on great food. In here, Marcus would love to bring the authentic taste of the food itself and here he go importing the ingredients like noodles and more all the way from Sitiawan. Mother-in-law makes all the Foo Chow’s traditional red wine herself while father-in-law is a supplier for noodles in Sitiawan. And not only that, the Kong Piah is also is imported all the way from Sitiawan too.

And here,we started enjoying the traditional Fu Zhou Cuisine here at Koufu Trendy Restaurant. One of the signatures in Koufu Trendy Restaurant will be the Premium Koufu red wine noodle soup. The tasted of the soup is very similar with the yellow rice wine and the noodles texture is just lovely. It is silky and smooth and just slurps into the mouth easily. I love it so and the mee suah does not turn soggy easily too.
Price: RM 16.90

The Koufu Lu Mian is a word of love and hate. If you love them you will enjoy it,else you will not. This is where the Lu Mian or braised noodles is being mixed with mackerel and then it is infused with the Laksa brooth. Added with the bamboo shot with it, the taste is quite unique to me and it is my first time tasting them. It has the light souriness with it and the brooth is slightly thick.
Price: RM 7.90

Koufu Long Yen Soup is another dish which is being prepared. The noodles is made with the tapioca starch, flour and egg. This is where the noodles is being served together wih the starchy soup and added with some ingridients like prawns with it.The dish is not much my favorite among all as I am not a lover of the tapioca taste.
Price: RM 8.90

Fried Meat Wantan noodles taste good as it is. Homemade noodles is being stir fried with soy sauce and added with the condiments of fried meat, crunchy fried beancurd stripes and some greens is definitely a good choice of the satisfying meal. I love the texture of the springy noodles which is being served with it.
Price: RM 8.90

Koufu Deep Fried Meat is definite to be our favourites of all. The Deep Fried Meat is well marinated and brings a flavorful taste of the meat itself. The tender juicy meat with the crispy skin is just perfectly done and I am totally falling in love with it. It is just sinfully good as it is,
Price : RM 8.90

We ended with the Kong Piah. The Kong Piah is imported all the way from Sitiawan. The pastry is made from flour, lard, onion and salt. As for the filling, there is a little meat which is being served together with it.
Price : RM 3.50 (S)/ RM 6.90 (B)

Not to forget, we ended with the Koufu Tang Shui which is the Leng Chi Kang Tong Shui. Overloaded with 10 ingridients in it, the desserts is just lovely with sweet endings on the meal. It is filled with longan, black jelly, pearls, sweet potatoes, barley, jellies, sea agar agar and also basil seeds.
Price: RM 4.90 / RM 5.50 ( 10 choice)

B-11-GF, Garden Shoppe One City,
Jalan USJ 25/1A
47650 UEP Subang Jaya
Tel: 603 5115 0001 / 012 393 5092

Facebook: www.facebook.com/youkoufu
Website: www.koufu.my/

Business hours: Mon to Sun 10am to 10pm


  1. says

    I grew up in Sitiawan, from Std 4 to Form 5. And then I left, and never returned :(

    I missed their Lu Mien and Kompiang very, very much. It’s great that these delicacy is now available in the Klang Valley. Will definitely make my way there one of these days!

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