– The Restaurant-

My day in Taipei is all about Shopping and Shopping only. Is all about buying everything through the stores and more. We started our day to enjoy the one of the famous outlet which is selling duck meat which is located around the Xi Men Ding Area. The restaurant is quite packed with people and we ordered quarter duck to dine.

– The Cold Duck Portion-

The duck are served cold and I could say it is my first time trying cold duck. Oh gosh.. I am not get used to the flavors as the taste of the duck is very strong. We served them with the hot noodles but after adding the duck meat, I could say i am having a warm meals.

– The Hot noodles-
Price: NTD350
– The Stall for Frog Egg desserts in Xi Men Ding-


– The Frog Egg Drink-
As we walked to the Red House which is around that area, we tried the so-called Frog Egg Desserts which is just like having jelly with the ai yu bing inside it. The taste is sweet and it can quetch the thirst as well.
Price: NTD 450

Then, we proceed  visiting the Red House located in Xi Men Ding.

Build in 1908 during Japanese rule and designed by Japanese architect Kondo Juro, it was originally a market building but was used as a theater from 1945 onwards.

– The Inside View-
– The Beautiful things inside the Red House-


The building recently underwent an extensive renovation. The ground floor currently houses a small cafe and a display on the history of the structure, as well as several shops in which independent artists sell their art. The second floor theater regularly hosts live performances.

We went in and we can see the history on all of it and how the building is all about. The building is well maintained and it has small shops where you can buy some surveniers. The place is indeed a lovely place to visit and enjoying a cup of tea there is a good choice.

After visiting the Red House,we then went to Longshan temple. It is one of the temple which is one the famous and there is a lot of the people visiting the temple and we visited the them as well.

Mengjia Longshan Temple (Chinese: 艋舺龍山寺) was built in Taipei in 1738 by settlers from Fujian, China. It served as a place of worship and a gathering place for the Chinese settlers. The temple has been destroyed either in full or in part on numerous earthquakes and fires.

– The Waterfall-


– The Beautiful Temple-


– The Beautiful Structure-

During World War II, on 31 May 1945 it was hit by American bombers during the Raid on Taipei, who claimed the Japanese were hiding armaments inside. The main building and the left corridor were damaged and many precious artifacts and artworks were lost in the ensuing fire.

Taipei residents have nevertheless consistently rebuilt and renovated it, and did so again after the end of the Second World War a few months later. Longshan is seen as an emblematic example of Taiwanese classical architecture, with southern Chinese influences commonly seen in older buildings.

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