It is the first time for FOODBEX which brings more excitement for food lovers like me. This round, we are being invited by their marketing partner “Tastefully Food & Beverage” to have the food marathon.

The food event is now in Mid Valley offerings great value and delicious food products like mooncakes, drinks, cooking equipments, snacks and more to be sold. Here we go exploring up to 10 stalls for this round and perhaps next round, we can double up the review for the stalls and promoting more food stuff for the merchants.

1) Moo Cow Frozen Yogurt

Moo Cow Frozen Yogurts have their little stall for this round and we know that they are famous for their delicious yogurt ice cream. This time around, Moo Cow not coming out with just yogurt but they have their own brand of the delicious mooncake for us today. The mooncake selection includes the flavors of white lotus, pumpkin, red bean, sweet potato , black sesame as well as pandan too. Price at RM 5.50 per piece or RM22/box now in the fair. Moo Cow not only can be found in the fair for this few days but if you love to get their mooncake as well as their frozen yogurts, you may visit their kiosk /shop in Hartamas Shopping Centre, The Gardens Mall, Wangsa Walk, Sunway Pyramid, The Curve, 1 Utama, Gurney Paragon, Bangsar Telawi, Ikano Power Centre, publika, Suria KLCC, Paradigm, Great Eastern Mall, Lintas KK (Sabah). You may visit their facebook page too at

2) MCM ( 美中美)

MCM is one of the product by Kum Thim food industry. This is where Kum Thim is one of the leading sauce manufacturers in Malaysia since 1971 and they have over 40 years experience in the industry. And in the fair, you can get the variety of sauces from Kum Thim food industry where this includes the Gan Xiang Sauce, Sambal Sauce, Assam Sauce and more. These sauces are just lovely and it caters for all people who love cooking in simple way. In here, you can get to purchase the sauces ranges from RM 7.00 and above.

If you are not able to come to the fair, you can get them at the Pasar Pagin in Pandamaran in Klang, as well as in Cheras and Sungai Long.

3) JFC Malaysia

The next venturing stall is JFC Malaysia where they bring more excitement for food lovers who love to grab some Japanese products. They have quite a large place and kiosk to sell the variety of the famous Japanese product. If you are around there, you can grab some of the Japanese products like biscuits, somen, sauce and more. You can grab all the delicious goodies of Japanese, Korean and more with a great discount and price are as low as RM5.00 too. For more info on JFC Malaysia, you can visit their web at

4) Good Morning

Good Morning is another exciting brands that we went too. The company itself had comes with the a large variety of food which includes their famous healthy drink to their customer. Bringing their new success product Good Morning V Plus Classic is being prepared with 18 choices of grains and bean which go through extrusion to made into powder form. The main 5 ingredients is their Red Beet Root, Calcium, Soya Lecithin, Water Soluble Fiber and FOS. In here we can grab the healthy beverages where it can helps to provide a better health. In the fair, you can grab their item at more attractive prices where the 1kg packing is only RM 75 ( Normal: RM90) while the easy packaging drink is just at RM 29.90 ( Normal RM 39.90). If you love to know more, do visit their web :

5) Oversea Mooncake (海外天)

Oversea Mooncakes do have their booth at the fair too. Featuring delicious mooncake which includes their Lotus Indulgenc, Exquisite Creatime, All time favorites as well as their latest creation of mooncake which is the Cutiemelts. After the success of their last year Cutiemoon Mooncake with the theme of Wine and Tea, this year Overseas comes with their latest creation Cutiemelts as well in their series. The delectable mooncakes which is their new recipe of snowy mooncake where features the Champagne infuse flavors. The mooncake itself is just perfectly made where they have the great sensations of bites of the mooncake and it is being advice to enjoy the mooncake from the green color, yellow color and next the red color. What I love about it is the taste is special and just melts in the mouth too

In here, a box of the new mooncake is at RM 99.80 which features 6 flavors. The flavors includes 龍眼木煙燻洋梨青檸檬香檳、烤蘋果開心果肉桂香檳、百香果鳳梨醬蜂蜜香檳、桃子芒果奶油蜂蜜香檳、櫻桃藍莓醬香草夾香檳 and 巨峰黑莓玫瑰花肉桂香檳。For mooncakes which is purchase from the booth, there will be at 25% discount to 30% discount for the mooncakes purchased. Do drop by their booth for more mooncake delights or you can visit their shop to get their famous Shanghai Mooncake as well as their new flavors Cutiemoon and other selections of mooncake too.

6) Takio Iyaki

Takio Iyaki is one of the stalls which serves delicious food to go as well. The Taiwanese delights which comes to Malaysia is just perfectly served to our eyes. They have 2 items which is their signatures can be found here which is their Tako Iyaki with the sauce. Stuffed with glutinous rice and rice in between the squids, the takio iyaki is just perfectly good and delicious to be tried too. It is priced at RM7.90 each and its taste is good.

Next item is their deep fried squids where it is also one of the famous item in Taiwan is their Deep Fried Squid. The Deep Fried Squids brings a chewy and yet fresh with the added sauce on top. It is price at RM 7.50 for it which the size of the delights is quite a large one too.

Takioyaki will open their new outlet in Once City Mall soon where it will be located at Once City Mall @Sky Park.

7) Yonanas

Yonanas is the next stall we visited where they are selling the new amazng kitchen appliance where creates delicious, healthy recipe that taste rich and decadent. Yonanas takes on the flavor of ingredients you mix in. Simply add frozen strawberries, high antioxidant blueberries, or dark chocolate and create a creamy, frozen treat that tastes like strawberry, blueberry, or chocolate chip dairy-free ice cream.

With this, you can enjoy a low calorie diet which is filled with fruits and vegetables. You can get in now at the fair at just RM 289.00 and with this you can enjoy your own combination ever. You can find more about the product at

8) Jack n Jill Counter

For those whol love snacks, do visit the counter of Jack N Jill where ou can get the selection of chocolates and potato chips in a bag with just RM 10.00. The bag of items is just perfectly packed and here you go with all the lovely snacks to go muching while you are shopping or with your friends at home. If you love to buy them, visit FOODBex to get a bag of the goodies with just RM 10.00

9) Deluxe Group

The Deluxe Group is featuring their ghoza as well as their sausages in the counter. At here you may purchase the gyoza as well as the Taiwanese Sausage to try off. If you love them, you may purchase them at the booth as well where you can find a variety of bbq meat, sausages, ghoza and many more. You can check out more about them at

10) NHF Natural

NHF Natural brings a more healthier meals. In this booth, you may get to purchase a more healthier product like breads with no preservatives and healthy biscuits and more. The products are all more to the healthier product and at the booth, you can find a more healthier delights to have with. So, drop by their booth to find more on their healthy buns, biscuits and drinks too

11) F&N

Last but not least, we venture to the F&N counter where there are chef to teach how to cook using their ingridients. Not only that, they have a lots of drinks, juices, and other beverage available for sell at lower price. It is just a fun way of cooking with F&N too . If you keen to know more, visit their stalls for more information

Other booth which is in the exhibition includes Concorde Hotel Mooncake Promotion, Maggi, Spritzer, Eu Yan Sang, Sushi King and many more. Do drop by to their exhibition for a shopping spree now as well as you get to have some food sampling too. The event will be for 3 days which is from 23 August 2013 till 25 August 2013

Mid Valley Exhibition Centre (MVEC), Third Floor, Centre Court


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