Since we are in Malacca perhaps “Satay Celup” is something MUST try there if you been there. And here, Satay celup is served and eaten like lok lok and steamboat, except the main difference in sauce. Instead of dipping them in a pot of boiling soup, satay celup is cooked by dipping or dunking sticks of raw food into boiling pot of aromatically rich and spicy peanut sauce. When it comes to Melacca’s Satay Celup, there are a vast variety but one of the famous one will be the Capitol’s Satay Celup. The restaurant itself have lots of banners hanging all over including hundreds of photos and articles that featured the restaurant itself plastered all over the restaurant walls.Not only that, the queue starts as early as 4.30 pm and the lining up was simply a long one. We arrived around 5.10 and we waited around ½ hour for our turn to have a table to dine.

In Capitol, the varities of the satay celup is kinda plentiful and ingridients includes egetables, quail’s eggs, shrimps, bean curds, fried bean curds, tofu, and more. To maintain on the freshness and cleaniness of the food, they are all kept inside their huge refrigerators. So, we quickly take some snaps of the pictures and here we started putting in the ingridients to let it cook.

Choices here perhaps are quite a fruitful one to me where I grab nearly 10 sticks of the ingridients and few bowls of the fishballs and other items as well. The taste wise is nothing to shout about as I prefer the one in Damansara Jaya. Unfortunately, it had closed down. The taste here is not too bad and quite on par as well. And here, the sauce is not reusable as per stated at the shop banner. The sauce is constantly on the boil, and the waitress will constantly go from one table to another to make sure that the sauce stays at the satisfying level of thickness which is good and perhaps this is the way they maintain a better quality of the food itself.

Since there is nothing much to shout about it, perhaps I would say is a good experience for once to try the satay celup here and if you ask me if I am coming for the second time, perhaps it would be the word “MAYBE” but not definate too.

Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant
41, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka
Business Hours: Daily 1700 onward, Mon closed
GPS Coordinates: 2.1953, 102.2523
Tel: 06-2835508


  1. shaann says

    Hi, have read thru some review abt capitol satay.. wanna give a try .. but some comment said their satay stick is recycle from those ppl who eat finish already they reused those satay stick again is tht truth?

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