The latest establishment by Werner Kuhn, The Steakhouse is a 40-seater steak joint along Changkat Bukit Bintang and adjacent to The Whisky Bar is something to look for the nice delicious steaks and good food. The brainchild of the Master Chef’s of Malaysia’s Top Restauranteur, Mr. Werner Kuhn had open a number of prominent F&B Outlets under his belts not only The Steakhouse KL but also includes the famous El Cerdo, Black Forest, Werner’s On Changkat and Whisky Bar.

The restaurant was cozy with the great service from the staff itself. The restaurant filled with a beautiful wine store was something that captured my eyes when I entered to the restaurant.

Complimentary breads were being served while we are waiting for our orders to be served. Soft and warm breads served together with the soup we ordered is just good and delicious.The Wild Mushroom Soup serves deliciously and just perfect to warm our tummy before we continued with the more dishes.

Price: RM 20.00

Our first starters which was being served – Beef Carpaccio where the the typical Italian Dish with raw meat is being serverd to our table. The deliciously made Beef Carpaccio did savour our taste bites where it was well seasoned with the capers and most importantly the meat itself was fresh. With the freshness of the meat itself, the dish was just perfect with the shavings of parmesan cheese added into it. Perfect!
Price: RM 32.00

“On Ice with Shallot-Wine Vinaigrette” was perfectly made with the oysters which were fresh. With this, it completely made a difference in the whole dish. The freshness of the oyster itself was amazing and each mouthful of the oyster was just fantastic.
Price: Six – RM 52.00 / Nine – RM 78.00 / Dozen – RM 99.00

The Steakhouse KL also serves Pan-fried Duck Foie Gras which was just perfect. The Foie Gras was well flavoured and it does not have any unpleasant smell compared to a few restaurant I tried before. With the slices of orange creates the zest of the whole dish and it is perfectly delicious.
Price: RM 42.00

The Shrimp Cocktail was one of my favorites the night. The freshly cooked prawns with the salad dressing was amazingly delicious and it was beautifully presented in the wine glass. Not only that, the prawns was fresh and chewy which gave the compliments t the whole dish.
Price: RM28.00

Seasoned with smoked duck breast, the Caesar Salad was another dish which caught my attention. The combination of smoked duck with crunchy croutons and romaine lettuce with parmesan cheese is just perfect and mixed well with the greeny salad. The smoked duck was sinfully delicious with the tender juicy meat with it.
Price: RM 26.00

Next comes my mains. I ordered the Grilled Black Cod Fish which is where it is being served together with parsley potato, mushroom and creamy wasabi pesto sauce. The cod fish is simply fresh and the there was no any “fishy” taste as well. The fish is perfectly done and the taste is just so fantasticly juicy.
Price:RM 58.00

The signature from The Steakhouse will be definite the Steak and here they offer two variant of steaks which is the Aged Black Angus or Chilled Australian Grained Fed. There are five cuts to choose from ranging from medaillion, tenderloin, rib-eye, T-bone and striploin. Since Jerry ordered the beef, I tried a small slice of it and it is sinfully delicious and each bites is heavenly where the meat is succulent and also juicy.

Aside from the beef itself, the restaurant also allows their diners to choose their sauce (Béarnaise, Black pepper, Red Wine, BBQ and Mushroom). For me, I prefer the black pepper as I am a big fans of it.

Besides the sauces, diners can also opt the choices of potatos as well where they offer 3 styles which is fried, mashed and sauteed. Each of it has its own speciality and I am simply to fall in love with it. Craving next will be the desserts where they have a wide variety of desserts to try off as well.

The steakhouse prepared the Andreas Special which is one of the best desserts of the night. The combination of the white chocolate ice cream, milky chocolate mouse , chocolate crumble, banana in passion fruit and pear in red wine is something worth to try. Every spoonful of the desserts is heavenly and I am calling this my heaven where I could not resist to have it.
Price: RM 22.50

The Werners Special is another desserts which is being served. The Werner’s Special bringing the desserts to the more sourish side instead of sweet. It is being served with the fresh strawberry in mango sauce and raspberry sorbet which is always my favorite too. Lovely and indulging.
Price: RM 22.50

The Classic Italian Tiramisu served with 2 scopes of ice creams on top of it and it is being drizzled with the mango sauce on top of it. The appearance of the tiramisu does not really catch my attention but one spoonful had made my mind changed an I am definite to be addicted to the tiramisu itself. Soft and
Price: RM 22.50

We ended with Baked Cheese Cake where the cake is soft and creamy. Well matched with the ice cream together, the cheese cakes melts into my mouth and it is just perfect.
Price: RM 22.50

– Some of he lovely drinks we ordered-

– Some of he lovely drinks we ordered-

The Steakhouse KL
No.48, Changkat Bukit Bintang,
50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hours: 5:00 p.m. till 11:00 p.m. daily.
Tel: +603-2143 2268

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