The beautiful hotel by the name of Quayside, one of the hotel which is worth to stay. From the outside, it is a warehouse but inside it is incredibly beautiful and lovely. Quayside Hotel was once the Custom warehouse but it was abandoned for years and now converted to a three star boutique hotel which just opened its doors on 1st May, 2013.do surprise me where the hotel is converted from a warehouse. A Warehouse hotel which give me a second thought where it will be hot and stuffy but when I entered the hotel itself, it is simply beautiful and well parquet with the simple decoration where some are made from reusable items too.

– The walkway-

– The lobby-

– The lobby view from 2nd Floor-

– The lovely staircase-

The hotel with only 39 rooms, but it is located in Quayside Heritage Centre and what I love the most about the hotel is it is located a most strategic area within walking distance to the most popular Melaka tourist spots- Jonker Street, The Red House and more.

The lobby is lit up with two beautiful chandelier and also natural light from the windows and it is cooled with air conditioners. The beautiful georgeous lighting from the chandelier attracted me from the first sight. The hotel offers eight types of rooms where we had our beautiful room- Premium Queen Room which is facing the riverside. The rates of the hotels are from RM 195++ per room and family suites are from RM 275++, what a steal!

Not only that, the hotel do have a meeting room for their in house guest to have the small meeting at the room and they are kind enough to prepare computers for surfing purposes as well. Not only that, they do have in-house shops which is selling some bags and they will have more new items coming to their stall too.

If you love some arts; they have the arts room where you can graps a view of the beautiful artistic arts which is available for viewing as well. We had our check-in at the counter and we were well served by the staff as pleasant and profesional.

– The toilet-
The rooms were lovely. Beautifully furnished with the clean white bed and two pillows for each person is simply something which is just sweet. The pillow which is provided are different texture where one is at the soft side and another pillow is at the hard side. Each of the pillow is simply cozy soft and nice to sleep with as well.

Not only that, I am falling in love with their designer light which is just beautiful. Well designed light which is simply cool and I wanted to back home the lights.

The hotel do provide complimentary coffee, tea and mineral water and they do have soft drinks and bear. Do note that the beer and softdrink which is inside the fridge is chargable.

The rooms equipt with the internet service with the password provided. It is just cool and we can keep instagram-ing and sharing with friends and family on the hotel itself

As we had our room at the riverside, the view is just georgeous where we enjoyed the view of the opposite hotel – Casa De Rio and also the river view which is just superb. Simply relaxing enjoying the view with a cup of coffee on my hand.

– The toiletery-

As for the toilets, we are being provided with all the necessities like shower cap, toothbrush, soap and shampoos. What is cool they have the rainshower which is just superb and enjoyable with the cold/hot water function. I am just loving it. The rooms are also completed with the iron as well but I would love they have a hairdryer prepared for us which is even better.

Another blogger YH staying in another room which is the twin room . The rooms are quite spacious and lovely as well.

The stay in the hotel are being served with the complimentary breakfast as well. Not buffet style so I do not need to wake up earlier and afraid food had finished. The complimentary breakfast with a choice of western and Asian can be choosed and we had one each for both of us.

Western breakfast served together with the egg, bread, bacon and a cup of tea/coffee together. The breakfast was just good and delicious. The Asian breakfast comes with the mee goreng, kuih muih and fruits. Served together with a cup of choice:- coffee/ tea with it.

The experiences staying in the room were superb, cozy room with a great view. It is just fun and I would not want to get out of my bed. Affordable rates with great ammeties is just cool and recommended for budget travelers to Malacca.

Charges (RM)

Superior (Twin + city view)
Weekday rate: RM195++
Weekend rate: RM225++

Superior (Queen + city view)
Weekday rate: RM195++
Weekend rate: RM225++

Premium (Twin + river view + balcony)
Weekday rate: RM225++
Weekend rate: RM260++

Premium (Queen + river view + balcony)
Weekday rate: RM225++
Weekend rate: RM260++

Superior Suite (Melur Suite) (King + city view)
Weekday rate: RM325++
Weekend rate: RM355++

Premium Suite (Mawar Suite) (King + river view)
Weekday rate: RM345++
Weekend rate: RM375++

Superior Family Suite (King + Twin + city view)
Weekday rate: RM275++
Weekend rate: RM305++

Premium Family Suite (King + Twin + river view)
Weekday rate: RM295++
Weekend rate: RM325++


** Thanks to Stuart for the great invitation to one of the beautiful hotel 

Quayside Hotel Melaka
Add: 1, Jalan Merdeka, Quayside Heritage Centre, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka.
Tel: +606-284 1001
Fax: +606-284 1002 / 1003
Web: www.quaysidehotel.com.my
Facebook: www.facebook.com/quaysidehotelmelaka

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