Our next visit is the Keelung River. The place is simply beautiful and I am in love with the place where the river is simply amazing.

The Keelung River originates in the mountains west-northwest of the town of Jingtong in Pingxi District, New Taipei City, flows down to a rift valley and then flows ENE to Sandiaoling. Then it flows northward to a point between Chiufen and Keelung City, and then heads back in a general WSW direction to Taipei, where it joins the Tamsui River and flows out to sea. And the trip to Keelung is just a while and we head to the Keelung Night Market.

Travel to Keelung from Taipei by Train

The most straightforward method of getting to Keelung from Taipei will be the commuter trains, usually starting at Taipei Main Station. The ride between Taipei and Keelung by normal train (TRA) takes about 40 minutes. Make sure your train says it’s going to stop in Keelung and not somewhere else.

 Taipei to Keelung train fare: 45NT$

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