Day 4 will be mainly a date with the Taipei Zoo and what we target – the Panda. I am just in love with it and cant wait to see them.We take the train to the Taipei Zoo and we reach there at about 10-20 minutes train ride. Once we reach there, we had Mc Donalds which is always my favourites as well. The Mc Donalds breakfast set is indeed something different compare to Malaysia where their breakfast set have a pork delights as well.

Our McDonalds

The bread is kinda different from in Malaysia as the bread is more thick and filling. And I am missing my chilly sauce where at there the Mc Donalds does not have chilly sauce though.

After the meal, here we go to the ZOO and it is simply amazing where the Zoo is really big and they have lots to venture.

 The Zoo

 The Zoo’s combined area is 165 hectares, with 90 hectares being open to the public. The facilities comprise of six main buildings (the Education Center, the Nocturnal Animal House, the Penguin House, the Koala House, the Amphibian and Reptile House and the Insectarium), as well as eight exhibition areas (the Formosan Animal Area, the Children’s Zoo, the Asian Tropical Rainforests Animal Area, the Desert Animal Area, the Australian Animal Area, the African Animal Area, Bird World, and the Temperate Zone Animal Area). There is also an outdoor nature observation area, a wetland ecological park, and a special exhibit house.

The adult ticket is NT60 which is indeed cheap. The zoo is indeed a big exploration where we can venture to see lots of animals there.  We started off with the beauty of the those animals which is in the zoo

 Lovely Birds
The Owl❤

 The Monkeys

 The Goats

The Rhino

The Lovely Penguin
The Sweet Koala
The Slow Slowey Tortoise
The Lonely Lion
The Rhino
and the STAR is here which is the super cute Panda
❤The sweet cute panda❤
The Playful Panda 
I am having my Foodie
and there are a lot more of cute animals in the zoo to venture as well. 

How to go there?  Public : Take the THSR or train to Taipei Station, continue by MRT to Taipei Zoo Station. Operating Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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