A rather new contemporary Japanese Dining Restaurant which served loovely fusion food. The restaurant is located at Level 3 in Mid Valley Mall which is the same floor as the cinema as well. Waku Waku officially launched operations on 7th July 2012. With its homey ambience and reasonable-priced range of menu and this round, we are having their special promotion which is featuring their new range of curries. Unlike our local curries, Japanese curry is much less spicier and has a thicker texture. This time, we are trying the Japanese Curries where Waku Waku who had merged with Royal Host, a famous family restaurant chains with over 40 years of experience in food industry, owning more than 245 outles in Japan since 1971. The curry promotion will be lasting for 4 months which is from June to September 2013 where one do not need to visit Japan to experience the dine of the Japanese Curries instead they can enjoy them in Waku Waku.

The Royal Host is a Family restaurant with 245 outrlets in Japan since 1971 and being that, they are fampus for a quality Japanese Curries and always provide the genuine and a wide variety of Japanese Curries. In Malaysia, Royal host had chooses the top 6 favorite types of Japanese Curry out of 131 different types in their 3 decades history of serving Japanese Curry. The menu is made up of Beef Curry, Chicken Curry, Seafood Curry, Vegetable curry, Double Curry ‘Beef and Chicken’, Chicken Hamburger Steak Curry, and Chicken Cutlet curry, starting from RM18.50 for ala-carte and with additional of RM 2.00 you can enjoy a wholesome meal for a salad.

Chicken Cutlet Curry
Chicken Cutlet Curry
Chicken Cutlet Curry

Chicken Cutlet Curry served with the delicious deep fried chicken thigh cutlet and the Japanese Western-Style Curry Sauce. The chicken thigh was good with the well deep fried crispy skin and the tender juicy meat. Adding with the curry sauce on top, it was definately my favorite where the sauce is flavourful.
Price: RM RM 24.50 / RM 26.50 with salad

Chicken Hamburger Steak Curry is another exiciting menu where the curry sauce flavoured with vegetable richness is just good to match with the hamburger steak as well.
Price: RM RM 25.50 / RM 27.50 with salad

Beef Curry is a definate to try for beef lovers, The texture of the beef are lovely which is smooth adn thick. It is well match with the beef sauce and creamy with light spiciness.
Price: RM 20.50 / RM 22.50 with salad

Vegetable Curry is also good where the curry is more mild and more to the sweeter side compare to the chicken and beef curry. It is simply having the rich taste which I love the most.
Price: RM 18.50 / RM 20.50 with salad

Chicken Curry is well flavoured with the sauteed onions,butter and bouillon. The sauce is very flavouring with the smooth and creamy gravy with well pair together with the chunky chicken meat.
Price: RM 19.50 / RM 21.50 with salad

Seafood Curry is one of my favorites where the seafood ingridients are scrumptious with the chunks of squids and scallops together with it.
Price: RM RM 21.00 / RM 23.00 with salad

If you love both the combination of the chicken and Beef, do try their Double Curry “Beef & Chicken” where they can try the mix of the picy chicken curry and mild beef curry at the same time.
Price: RM 22.00 / RM 24.00 with salad)

Waku Waku
Lot T – 015B, Level 3
Mid Valley Megamall, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2284 1172
Fax: 03 2282 0139
Website: http://www.mywakuwaku.com/index.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wakuwakumalaysia

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