Taipei I am coming .. and the journey to Taipei is taking me about 4 1/2 hours. If you love to sleep during your journey, get a neck support so you would not ended to have neck pain while in your traveling then and maybe you can get some games or books to read too to kill your time in the plane. On the arriving to the Taoyuan airport, you are serves with a smile by their workers there and they are really helpful as well. On the arrival, there is some checking to be done like Fever Checking, Passport and more. Few things to do before enjoying yourself in Taipei.

Getting Maps

You may get the maps from the tourist information centre which is just infront of the arrival hall and there are a large selections to choose depending where you are planning to visit. As for me I found that getting the map which have the MRT routes is very useful to me. If you are IT Savvy person or an Apple Iphone, Ipad user, you may download the map from the Metro site. Android Phone users also can have this downloaded and it is simply useful for someone banana like me. 

Applying for Telephone Line

Upon arrival, you may have a choice if you love to have a telephone line there or not by buying a prepaid cards. There is a variety of packages available there where you can choose and compare before you decide. As I am a Iphone user, no worries as they do provide data and telephone prepaid lines. There is also phone rental there if you need one. As for me I applied for Chong Hwa Telekom at the charge of NTD 500 for 7 days of internet access as well as NTD 150 credit for phone calls.

– The cellular Service Counter-

How to get there?
1. Once you are out of the arrival zone, you will see the tourist centre in front and there you may get some user brochure to help you on your trips in Taipei. I would suggest that you get some Taipei MRT maps for reference.
2. You the  turn to your left and  you can see sushi express and turn left again and you can see the cellular company there.

Getting the EasyCard for your travel

– Pictures from Wiki-

The “Easy Card can be purchased in Taipei Main Station as well at 7-11 as I get mine at the 7-11 at Taipei Main Station. It is similar to Malaysia ” Touch & Go” but they have more privileges where you can used them in convenience stores, department stores, supermarkets, and other retailers. Value can be recharge in multiples of NT$100 and the card will cost you around NT$100. As so, we have purchased about NT$400 during the whole trip in Taipei for 5 days.

Getting a Bus to Taipei.

You may get around to Taipei via Taxi where the charges is about NT$ 1100- NT$1500 for one way. As we do not have much things, we opt to take the bus from the Taoyuan Airport and arrived at the Taipei Main Station at the charge of NT$90. You need to purchase the ticket from the ticket counter before you are able to go in to the bus. The bus is located outside the building where once you have settled with your phone, just head out and turn left. Walk till the end corner and you can get your ticket purchased. Then, wait at the Bus Boarding Area and wait for your bus.

Enjoy your trip!


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