Melur & Thyme blossomed in KLCC with the classy air-conditioned interior with the alfresco roadside area. The restaurant is well decorated with the understated elegance with inventive elements, a testament to an East-meets-West restaurant.

Not only the deco of the restaurant impress me, they also have the wide range of food in their menu which is something I am looking at too.

– The Salad-
– The Salad-

We started with the leafly fruity salad which is simply special. The salad which is served with the stimulating textures of the dragon fruits, kiwi, orange fruits, pistachio nuts, grated mozzarella, orange cheddar, quail eggs and tossed with date vinaigrette. The salad brings the refreshing taste  and I love the salad blend with the bites of the pistachio nut while enjoying the green leafy delights.
Price: RM 12

-Peking Duck-
-Peking Duck-

Melur & Tyme is also famous for its Peking Duck. When we are talking about Peking Duck, everyone of us will be thinking of the crispy skin and the popiah skin which is usually served in many restaurant. But the Peking Duck  here do surprise us where the peking duck here is served with the delicious juicy tender meat and it is served with the roti jala instead of popiah skin. We can have them with chef’s special sauce as well. The taste is just awesome with the combination of the Malaysian style of Peking Duck. It is worth trying them as well.
Price: RM 29.00

-Queso De Mahon-
-Queso De Mahon-

Queso De Mahon is one of our favorites and it is one of their signatures too. The Goat cheese is being covered with the Japanese Breadcrumbs and served with the honey dip. Deliciously made with the flavorful goat cheese infused in it is amazingly good. A blend of light sweetness with the umph of cheese is indeed making my day.
Price: RM 19 (Small) / RM 27 (Large)

Grandma’s Hokkien Mee is another Malaysian delicious meals to be tried off. The temptating delights Prawn mee is deliciously made even though the price is slightly on the high side. But, with the generous topping of five huge prawns, fish ball, fish cake, shredded chicken, vegetables and egg, it is really worth for the price we payed. The brooth is deliciously made with the sweetness of the prawns and every mouthful is lovely. It is served together with their home made sambal and it give a spicy blend.
Price: RM22.00

-The Grilled Lamb Cutlet-
-The Grilled Lamb Cutlet-

Not only that, they do have The Grilled Lamb Cutlet. The delights is also one of the signatures in Melur & Tyme as well. The grilled lamb with red pepper marmalade and topped with the melted goat cheese is indeed another irresistible delights. Simply delicious with the tender juicy meat and it is superb.
Price: RM25(Small); RM34(Large)

After the delicious mains, we are being served with their sinfully delicious desserts on the table. The desserts which is being served is sinfully delicious and this time we are being served with the Chocolate Pecan Pie. The Chocolate Pecan Pie is amazingly lovely where the pie is flaky, and it the taste of it is sinfully good.
Price: RM15.00

-Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake-
-Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake-

Another desserts which is good is Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake impress me the most. The lil cake is deliciously made and the very moist. It is being coated woth the peanut butter which makes it even perfect. I am totally falling in love with it and the cake is amazingly delicious with the scrumptious taste of it with the fragrance smell from the peanut as well. Delicious and it is recommended to try there.
Price: RM10.00

Price: RM 8.00

Melur & Thyme
G03H-I Level Ground,
Suria KLCC,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03 – 2181 8001
Business Hour: 8:00am – 10:00pm (Monday – Sunday)
Email:[email protected]

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