Renaissance Hotels is a hotel brand known around the world for encouraging travelers to “Live Life to Discover.”

Renaissance Hotels is hotel brand known around the world for encouraging travelers to “Live Life to Discover.” Today, June 19th, Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel is offering our guests the unique opportunity to discover the very best of our hotel and destination as part of Renaissance Hotels second annual “Global Day of Discovery.” In just 24-hours, each Renaissance Hotel will participate in this very special initiative, inspiring more than 30,000 hotel guests to leave their hotel rooms and discover unforgettable moments through unexpected experiences including exclusive RLive LIVE events or unique offsite discoveries created by hotel NAVIGATORS.

This year our “Day of Discovery” will also officially kick off Renaissance Hotels “Summer of Discovery” program which includes a calendar of exciting events taking place at Renaissance Hotels around the world through September. For a full calendar of activities please visit www.renhotels.com.

As part of today’s celebration, the Renaissance Kuala Lumpur Hotel will host an exclusive RLife LIVE experience with the up and coming DJ Geri who will keep us entertained throughout the evening with her blend of house, electro and dance music. With a reputation of blasting the people’s mind everywhere she goes with her electrifying tunes and personality, DJ Geri has the ability of reading the crowds’ minds and plays her music to get the people in the mood.

There is also local artist to have our cartoon face too. I have mine as well from the local artist

You can also enjoy some kadazan dances at the event too.

Meanwhile, Executive Andrea Conte and his team will delight the palate with a selection of his signature dishes such as Toasted tapas (of slowly cooked short ribs with cheddar, Thai grilled chicken with green papaya, tandoori prawns with mascarpone raita and grilled eggplant with feta cheese) in panini; Peking duck, Lobster and Dim sum.

Not only that, we get to enjoy the Sarawakian Delights which covers the assorted kuih lapis which is originated from there.

For beer and wine lovers, no worries, where the hotel supplies the assorted types of lovely beers and wines to guest too.

Guest can make their own cup cakes as well.

There are also plentiful of petite cakes to enjoy as well

The initiative is part of Renaissance Hotels “Summer of Discovery,” created to provoke today’s lifestyle-oriented business traveler to explore a hotel or destination’s hidden gems. The seasonal program features a calendar of exciting experiences taking place at Renaissance Hotels throughout the world through September.

Overall, we enjoyed the event so much and it is indeed a great and successful event. We are happy to be invited for such a wonderful event.

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