Ippudo, Japan’s acclaimed ramen bistro opened its first Malaysia outlet to greet fanfare at Pavilion KL back to 20 February 2013. Ippudo’s 85 seater restaurant in KL that also features a stylish fully stocked bar provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy Ippudo’s latest range of Classic and Original Japanese dining cocktails. The pairing of Ippudo’s celebrated culinary creations with refreshing alcoholic cocktails has proven popular with Ippudo’s customers at its other international outlets.

Ippudo hopes that the introduction of te new range of cocktails to its KL store will enhance the overall ramen dining experience for Malaysian diners and help them to discover this great alternatives to the typical green tea or soft drink accompaniments. And in Ippudo’s the star attractions will be their signature tonkotsu (pork-based) ramen dishes. The “ramen” here is always liken to a “cosmos served in a bowl” with the delicate balance of ingrideints, broth and finely made noodles is an art form itself. The Ippudo chain has, to date 65 locations throughout Japan, and 19 other overseas outlet in New York, Singapire, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Seoul, Sydney, Malaysia, Shanghai and more

Each of the items are well paired with different types of alcohol. We started with the Salmon Katsu wherewhere the deep fried salmon are being battered and stuffed with cheese to be served. The delicious bites of the katsu itself with the cheesy salmon with it is sinfully delicious and special. The delights are well paired with Sawayaka ( The drink which is perfectly blend of light refreshing freshly squeezed lime and the sweetness of the rum with a slight fragrance of coconut) or you can have them with Hakata Momo ( Bold and Balanced with a hint of peach aftertaste)

-Ishiyaki Chicken-
-Ishiyaki Chicken-

Ishiyaki Chicken is one of my favourites with the tenderize chicken where the chicken is well grilled with leek in the hot stone bowl which is served with wasabi dressing and lemon citrus. The ishiyaki chicken gives a great blend of taste and it is well served with the Hinode ( Fruity and flavourful crafted with an after taste of citrus) as well as Oolong Hai (Humbling earthy oolong tea with a touch of shochu)

-Curry Cheese Haru Maki-
-Curry Cheese Haru Maki-

Curry Cheese Haru Maki does gives a great taste with the hint of spiciness with it. The deep curry cheese Haru Maki is being well deep fried and this is one of the must try item in Ippudo. The hint of a light taste of the Indian Style Curry with the savory sauce is amazingly good and it is well paired with the Umeshu Limonatta ( The classic Japanese Plum wine blended with a zest from the sparkling lemon juice)

Salmon Misoyaki is something not to be missed in Ippudo.. The salmon misoyaki is simply well made with the fresh Norwegian salmon. The marinated salmon with Japanese Miso is being baked till perfection and the dish is sinfully good and delicious. Juicy succulent texture with the hint of sweetness from the salmon is just perfect when it melts into my mouth. It is being recommended to have them with the Caplis Hai where the “spike” up yogurt drinks which have the milky texture and the sweetness of the shochu itself.

Not to forget, another addictive snacks to have with is the Buta Karaage which is where the Deep Fried Pork Loin is being served together with their special sauce. Juicy in the inside while crispy at the outside is simply something to try there and it is suggested to be paired with the Umeshu aranciatta ( Classic Japanese Plum Wine blended with a sweetness of the sparkling mandarin juice)

– Freshly Squeeze Garlic-

Well, the highlights comes now where Ippudo is famous for which is the ramen. The Akamaru Shinaji is one of the remain we tried where the Ippudo original tonkatsu brooth is being served with the special blended miso paste and the fragrant garlic oil. It is served with the thin noodles, belly cheshu, kikurage and spring onions. The ramen is well refined and being the modern style of ramen. The ramen is being recommended to be paired with the Calpis Hai. Price: RM 28.00

-Umeshu Limontta-

If you love something original, do try their Shiromaru Motoaji where the Ippudo’s Original tonkotsu brooth which is being served with the ultra-thin noodles, belly chashu, bean sprouts, kikurage and spring onions. The classic Halata Style ramen where it is well served with the Umeshu limonatta. I love the pure broth which is plain and the ramen is simply smooth and silky.

We ended wth the spicy base ramen which is the Karaka-Men where the Ippudo’s original tonitsu brooth os being added with the special spicy miso and ground pork. With the spicy soup served with the silky noodles, it is indeed a umpph. It is recommended to pair with Hinode wine with this. Hakata Ippudo Level 4. C4.07.00 Connection Precicint Pavilion KL Tel: 03-2110 6233 Opening HoursL 11 am – 11 pm daily Website: www.ippudo.com.my Facebook: www.facebook.com/ippudomalaysia


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    the dishes look great, but i was skeptical to try it out as i was afraid of the prices, i have no idea how much a bowl of ramen costs there….

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