After our long visit at the Yeliu Geopark, we are brought by the tour guide to head for some specialty nearby. We entered the small town which is by the name of Golden Mountain literally translated from the Chinese name 金山.

– The Old Town View-

The town is kinda special and it is alike the rural area where the things sold there is kinda cheap. We are brought to try the duck meat and noodles which is the specialty of the town itself. The stall is located at the JinShan’s GuangAn Temple (金山廣安宮) where you can see a lot of people coming here to have their duck meat. The  place is simply packed with people and it is very easy to be spotted as it is just in front of the the  JinShan’s GuangAn Temple (金山廣安宮)

– The stall-

– The duck meat served with slices of ginger-
– The fried noodles-
We ordered the duck and a noodles which cost us NTD 240 where the duck is at NT 180 which is for quarter of the duck and NTD60 for the noodles. The plate of the duck is simply full with the duck smells and taste and the duck is served with the slightly cold servings. The noodles was good too and indeed special. What struck our mine is on how we are being served which is kinda weird compared to Malaysian style where we took the noodles and duck from the stalls and walk to the next two blocks opposite the street to get places to sit and dine and what so surprise us is we had not pay our meals yet. After dining, we pay at the shop itself for the meals.

Location : JinShan’s GuangAn Temple (金山廣安宮) 

After the meals, we went to our next destination which is the Nanya Peculiar Rock (南雅海岸), Jinguashi (金瓜石) and this is where we visit Yin-yang Sea and the Gold Waterfall


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