It has been a hit of burgers and we heard many including Burger Junkyard, and lots of burger shops coming up with the different concepts. And in Setapak, here goes a brand new burger shop with the name of Smashies Burger. Smashies Burger comes up with the healthier concept of burgers where they come up with different buns like chacoal bun, beet root bun, better patty and more. And being that, there are more burger shops around and one of the new hots is the latest burger restaurant which landed in Setapak.

The highlights of Smasheie Burger is on their buns itself where they have five types of buns- black for charcoal, red for yeast, green for pandan, yellow for lentil and orange for orange. The burger is colourful and there is no colouring in it, and what I lve the most is all of it is prepared by using natural ingridients. The Smashies Burger is using the technique of SMASH in making their patties where with this the burgers are locked on its flavors as well as the juiciness in it.

Beautifully done, The Annoying Orange is one where the big burger is where the burger is stuffed with single beef patty, cheese, hashbrown and sunny side up, topped over with crispy beef bacon before sandwiching with two orange fluffy bun. The Australian chilled beef which is being used is freshy prepared with the minimal seasoning and it is well loaded with the delicious patty.
Price: RM 18.99

Not only they served beef patty, Smashies Burger do serve chicken patty as well. The chicken patty (Pretty Patty) is well layered with the hash brown, egg, chicken patty, and a slice of cheese within orange bun. The burger is just perfectly done and it’s tender chicken meat is well smashed and prepared. It is being my daughter favorite too after a munch of the burger.
Price:RM 15.49

Happy Cow Bun is bringing us with the Orange Bun and it is being added with the single beef patty, single cheese, caramelised onion with crispy beef bacon. The patty is own made where it is done for 2 hours and the patty which is being used is not kept overnight. Juicy and succulent meat and not that, the orange flavored bun did a great mix with the meat itself.
Price: RM 16.99

If you love to try the charcoal bun, they served us with the Chicken Run where it is being served with the crispy deep fried chicken and topped with the tartar sauce as well as the hot sauce. It is then being paired with the pineapple with it. Sourish taste with the slight blend of sweetness can be tasted from the burger it self and the meat made a great blend out of it.
Price: RM 12.49

Veggie lovers can also find their food here at Smashie Burgers. One of the few veggie selecton includes “You Have Shroom”. The meatless sandwich which is being served with the single grilled portbello, cheese, caramalised onion and hashbrown sandwiched within two red bun. Deliciously made and it is also simply addictive.
Price: RM 15.99

Burges without fries is something ought Here, they do serves fries too. Cajun Spiced Fries is also available here where fries are well deep fresh fries. Nothing to be missed and it is simply good and addictive too.
Price: RM6.99

Smashies Burger
Metro Genting,
Jalan Genting Klang,
Setapak, Selangor.
Business Hour: 6pm-11.30pm daily; last orders at 10:30pm.

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