– Welcoming the Mexican Fiesta-

– The staff with the Mexican Costume to welcome the Guest-

– The Chef and his team-

The Mexican Fiesta, April 1–15 at the Intercontinental Hotel, is aimed at promoting Mexican gastronomy and this time around we are given a chance to sample the authentic Mexican food. The Serena Brasserie at the InterContinental Kuala Lumpur will feature two outstanding Mexican guest chefs, Salvador Vasquez and Tania Gonzalez, who will assuredly titillate your tongue with the fabulous flavours of Mexico. Our meal was flavourful and colourful with all the spices and condiments which is being used in their cooking.

It would be a great dine here with all the authentic Mexican Delights with a blend of the local delicious food there as well. All meals are being pampered with the appetizers where they have plenty of the Mexican Appetizers. The meal had started of with some Guacamole come snacks first. Totopos (Avocado Dip with Tortilla Chips) is superbly served with the crunchy bites and it is being accompany together with the Avocado Dip.

There are some small little burgers which is served to us. The little burgers are so cute and it is being stuffed with some chicken meat it.

Next comes is the appetizers at the buffet spread where we are amazed on a dish which includes the Ensalada de Nopales (Cactus Salad). I had never thought of that we can have cactus in meals. The cactus is well prepared with the right blend and it is simply a unique dish to try of in the buffet line as well. Aside, they are very appetizing, since red wine vinegar is added to it. I will post the recipe of the dish out where the chef is very kind to share out the recipes with us.

Not only that, the appetizers are so much where they have Ensalada de Calabaza con Frijoles y Cilantro – Zucchini and Bean Salad with Cilantro and more.

In the buffet spread, they do have a large spread of mains in the Mexican cuisine. We started off with the Mexican Rice (Arroz a La Mexicana) where the rice is cooked with just enough tomato and chili pepper to give the distinctive red-orange color. The Mexican rice is not only looks nice, and the taste is also flavorful as well.

Not only that, the spread continues with more delicious and colorful meals. I am tempted with the Shrimps in Passila Guava Sauce. The shrimps are amazingly well prepared where the prawns are served fresh, and juicy. I am totally falling in love with the dish so much and we had so much of it.

Next will be Roasted Beef with Assorted Vegetables which is filled with the lovely vibrant color. The beef is well grilled till perfection leaving the pinkish meat on the plates and each bite of it is sinfully good and delicious. It is amazingly well done

There also a more Mexican Delights which is available in the buffet delights. The surprises do come to me with more delicious menu from the Chef. This includes Quesadillas y Tortillas Calientes (Corn tortillas and tortillas with different fillings),Fish Veracrus Style, Lamb Wrapped in Banana Leaves, Chicken in Poblano, Chocolate Chile Ancho Sauce and more.

– The Mexican Candies-

– Flan with edible gold paper-

– Churros-

– The lovely Tarts-

You may end your delights with the variety of the delicious Mexican Desserts too in the buffet spread. I am falling in love with the Churros which is well pampered to have it just as it is or with the chocolate syrups. Not only that, you can pamper yourself with the Mexican Candies, Corn Tarts, Flan with edible gold paper and more.

Other items which is available besides the Mexican Delights includes Oysters, stir fried dishes, a variety of fruits and more

– Sushis-

– Oysters and Cold Seafood-

– Fresh Cut Fruits-

– Some condiments for the chocolate fondae-

Why not heads to InterContinental KL for the Mexican delights before the promo ends.

Mexican Fiesta
Price: RM 82.00++ / person for lunch & RM 98.00++ / person for dinner

InterContinental KL,
165, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Tel: +60 3 2782 6168
Email: [email protected]y

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