Zende Restaurant combines a myriad of Asian and International cuisine and this time, I had my lovely weekend hi-tea buffet. The restaurant brings us with the cozy environment and during the weekends they are also some great times for the childrens with the clown too. The buffet starts at 12 pm and we headed there slightly earlier to capture some of the food there.

The buffet spread is simply having a great spread of varieties which is really good. Started with the dim sums, they have a large variety of halal style dim sum. This includes siew mai, siew bao, and much more. They not only having the steamed dim sum but they do have the fried items in the spread as well. Not only that, they have “Teow Chew: Porridge as well in the buffet spread.

The buffet is being filled with the varieties of the appetizers and salad where you can find acar rampai, tauhu sumbat, pasembor, rojak buah buahan, butcher platter, gherkin as well as the black and green olive as well. If you like to have some salads, they also have pleanty of plain as well as marinated salad. This is were you can grab the waldorf salad, nicoise salad, tandoori chicken as well as the delighting seafood pasta as well. Cold Spreads are also available at the buffet spread. You can find choices of cold prawns,mussels and more at the spread on the bed of ice.

Ceaser salad station will not disappoint you as well with the beef brisket, mustard, onion, smooked chicken, parmesan cheese and the tempting Caesar salad.

There are also Bread bar as well. Wholesome variety of bread includes wholemeal bread, rye, ciabata, foccasia, French loaf, toast and also pita bread.

– Some of the dishes in the buffet spread-
– Some of the dishes in the buffet spread-

The Chinese Cusines are also another highlights by the chef in the buffet spread, you can grab delicious Chinese cuisine where there is buttered prawn with curry leaf, braised black mushroom, bean curd skin flower with garden salad, and much more.

If you are looking for some nasi lemak, they do have it too but for me, satay is not to be missed in any buffets. They do have a choice of chicken and beef satay too in their buffet.

– Hawkers Delights-

– Pasembur, Nasi Lemak & Porridge Counter-

Being Malaysian, hawkers’ delights will not fail to impress us and here you can get the selection of the hawker delights which you can find the Prawn Mee, Curry Mee, Assam laksa and more. You can do a bowl of those delights on your own at the counter. Not only that, you can grab your porridge, nasi lemak and pasembur too at the counter provided.

If you prefer to grab some pastas they do have a pasta corner where the chef will cook the pasta according to your choice.

– Chocolate Foundae-

– The choices of Malay Kuih Muih-

– Spread of Fruits-

– Ice Creams-

– Ice Cream Condiments-

Not to forget is they do have a selection of dessert where thy have the selection of miniature Fresch Pasteries, selection of Jelllies, bread and pudding with vanilla sauce, ice cream with condiments, ice kachang and chendols as well as the chocolate fountain

They also have a corner for kids too where kids can grab their own simple delights in mini sizes inclusive on burgers as well as sausage buns and more.
Price: RM 60++/pax

Seri Pacific Hotel
Jalan Putra
50350 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-4042 5555
03-4049 4351/4352 (Zende Restaurant)
Website: www.seripacifichotel.com/



    akan mengadakan hi-tea pada 22 November 14
    SERAMAI 80 orang
    Ingin meminta pihak Tuan memberi harga dan diskaun
    terima kasih

  2. Mond islauddin bin Mohd noh says

    Akan mengadakan birthday hi-tea pada 17/10/2016 seramai 7 org dewasa dan 4 kanak2..di sini sy Mohd islauddin bin mond Noh dan juga pernah berkerja di hotel sri pan Pacific sebagai cpt bqt pada tahun 2005..ingin meminta pihak tuan memberi harga diskuan ..terima Kasih..01112335574 (is)

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