Just not far away from KL Times Square across Jalan Pudu, there is the restaurant by the name of Dong Bei which is serving The northern Chinese provenance food. The restaurant is located at the end of the shoplots and there are serving the northern east part of China food. This restaurant is owned by a Chinese Family whom migrated all the way from Dong Bei to KL. This restaurant had open its door back in 1992 and it has become one of the pioneer for the Chinese Cuisine Restaurant. Nothing fancy about the restaurant, Dong Bei has the simple design and nothing to fancy about.

The Crispy Potato is well fried till golden brown. The potato is well sliced till thin are being deep fried with the condiments. The crispy potato is just superb which brings the crunchy taste with it.
Price:RM 18.00

The small cutlets of spare ribs is being stir fried with sweet and sour sauce leaving the dish with the touch of soury. The meat us well-soaked with the scrumptious sauce and no worries, the dish is not spicy and the meat is tender and juicy too.
Price: RM 18.00

– Boiled Fish with Sour Cabbage and Spicy Soup-

– Boiled Fish with Sour Cabbage and Spicy Soup-

Boiled Fish with Sour Cabbage and Spicy Soup is alike the Malaysian style of sourish vegetables ( “Kiam Chai Boey ” in Hokkien) . The fish is being boiled together with the ingredients like cabbage, and other vegetables. It is ten topped with the scrumptious of dried chilly to be boiled together. The dish brings a sour taste and spicy though. With this, the fishy smells of the fish is covered and it is infused with the spicy taste indeed. The dish is simply appetizing which we are falling in love with it .
Price: RM 32.00

If you are someone who love spiciness, not to be missed is Dong Bei “Mah Por’ tofu. The sinfully addictive tofu with layered of chili oil with it is good where each bites of the tofu is full of umph. Becareful when dining with the dish as you may ended up with a chook if you are not careful on the chili oil.
Price: RM 12.00

Munching next is the stewed eggplant, bean, potato and meat with Dong Bei Style. The dish is filled with sweetness from the corns which is being stewed together with all the ingredients. It is well stewed and each bites is soft and yet full of sweetness.
Price: RM 25.00

The Sauerkraut is not really my favorite though. The stir fried glass noodles appears to me weird and it has a different smells which I am not really favour off but the dish is quite special.
Price: RM 18.00

– Dong Bei Da La Pi sheet with Cucumber Salad-

– Dong Bei Da La Pi sheet with Cucumber Salad-

Another Dong Bei dishes which is brought by the owners is the Dong Bei Da La Pi sheet with Cucumber Salad. The glassy look of the Dong Beii La Pi sheet is alike having jelly fish but after a grab of it, I do not really love it. The taste brings a light soury taste and silky texture.

In Dong Bei, the owner also imported the raw beancurd strips all over from China to be served here. Served together with cucumber, and a hin of garlic is giving a light and wholesome salad.
Price: RM 18.00

We also had the vegetable dishes to try out which is the “gardens” prawn, lotus root, potato and vegetable to try off. Nothing to shout about, the dish is simply simple stir fried dishes.
Price: RM 28.00

One of my favorite is the Hot & Spicy Seafood where the dish is simply superb with the fresh prawns added to it. I am falling in love with the prawns which is simply fresh and well infused with the chilly paste together with it. The dish was superbly done which gives a bites of freshness and spiciness as well.
Price: RM 28.00

The fried dumplings in Dong Bei had an excellent skin wrapped. The dumplings are well deep fried and was crispy and the meating feelings is just right. It is served together with the ginger- vineger sauce which brings up the whole dumpling flavors. I just fall meaty flavors and the juicy texture of the meat.
Price: RM 10 ( 10 pcs)

We ended our meals with the steam dumpling which is being served. Piping hot served with the same ingrideints as the fried dumplings, the dumplings are good but its skin is slightly too thick for me. However, it is well done and with the juicy fillings accompanied to it.
Price: RM 10 ( 10 pcs)

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Dongbei Restoran
Along Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah
(corner shop in between the two Teochew Porridge restaurants)
Off Jalan Pudu.
Tel: 03 – 2148 7694


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