Lucky Restaurant is one of the placed to dine when you are in Section 17 where the restaurant does not have much variety comparable to the others. If you are there, you may have a try of the few stalls which is at the coffeeshop itself like pan mee, chicken rice and also the wanton mee.

This round, I tried the Pork Balls Noodles (Chu Yok Yuen Fan) which is quite food. The dish can be opt to be served either with the dry or in soup. I prefer to dine them with the “dry” style where the noodles are being added with the black thick soy and the soy sauce. It is being served together with the bowl of hot pipping peppery soup with the pork balls together with it. The pork ball noodles are simply superb with the thick fragrant of peppery taste. I am just loving it so much with the tender juicy meat balls.
Taste: 4/5
Price: RM 4.50

1082 Jalan 17/29,
Section 17 ,
Petaling Jaya,

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