As this Chinese New Year is associated with luck, prosperity and peace, Pizza Hut opened its curtains to this Lunar New Year with the launch of the Golden Harmony Feast.

Launched just in time for the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities, the Golden Harmony Feast features a mouthwatering Golden Crab Claw Pizza with a Golden Platter on the side along with a Golden Passion Fizz.

The Golden Crab Claw Pizza is a harmonious combination of our signature Pan Pizza crust topped with parmesan cheese. The pizza is topped with roasted yellow onions, lime pepper chicken, succulent crab claw, sweet red cherries and juicy pineapple tidbits. These tantalizing ingredients will definitely blow your taste buds.

Befitting the name, each ingredient signifies various elements of this Lunar New Year celebration. The crab claw symbolizes harmony, a catalyst of peace to everyone who shares it while chicken chunks for happiness, pineapple for luck, golden cheesy crust for prosperity and cherries for a sweeter year.

The Golden Platter is an array of crispy criss-cut fries, golden coated squid strips and aromatic garlic bread topped with almond flakes. All this served with a side of cool lime dressing.

Pizza Hut is also introducing its Golden Passion Fizz, a flavourful fizzy drink with a mixture of 7-Up, luscious passion fruit syrup and sweet strawberry concentrate with a slice of zesty lemon to compliment your meal. This delicious combination is perfect for you to enjoy with the whole family during this festive season.

Regular Golden Crab Claw Pizza costs RM27.90 each while the large one costs RM36.90. The Golden Platter can be purchased at RM13.90 for a’la carte or as an add-on for only RM10.90 with a purchase of the Golden Harmony Combo.

For group dining, there is the Golden Harmony Combo 1 for two persons at RM29.90, offering one regular Golden Crab Claw Pizza. Golden Harmony Combo 2 for four persons is priced at RM50.90, offering a large Golden Crab Claw Pizza. Both meals include soup of the day and the Golden Passion Fizz drink. Prices may differ at selected outlets.

The Golden Harmony Feast is now available at all Pizza Hut restaurants in Malaysia from 17 January 2013.

So, get your family and friends together and enjoy the Golden Harmony Feast at your nearest Pizza Hut Restaurant!

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