Previously an online cake shop offering one of the best mille crepes in KL, Humble Beginnings has taken on a physical shop in Bangsar. The beautiful cakes are still handmade from scratch (even the jams) with no preservatives, and you get seasonal flavors of the delicious mille-crepe. The small café is indeed well impressing me with the sweet design of pocca dots which is in the shop. For first timers, it is tough to locate this cafe due to its tiny occupied vicinity. But fret not as it is located right beside Subway restaurant. There are very few seats in the café but the café is well decorated with the girly style.

– The lovely boxes for Mille Crepes-

The packing of the Mille Crepes are so sweet too which I love the boxes which comes with the pocca dots with it.

Humble Beginnings serves a nice Mille Crepes where they assured their customer to have the freshest, most luxurious Mille Crepe money can buy. They are also only using the finest ingredients for your indulgence. No artificial ingredients, no preservatives, no additives. Instead real vanilla pods (not the bottled extracts), real custard (not the powder + water concoction), best chocolates, best creams, best cheeses, freshest fruit and more are being used to make the Mille Crepes. We are being served with the variety of crepes which is delicious and well made. Some of the best seller crepes include the French Vanilla Swiss Chocolate Passion, Pandan Kaya and even more. Made fresh using only quality ingredients with no preservatives, they can be kept in fridge for 5 days.

-From Left: French Vanilla, Raspberry Cheese Vanilla, Coffee Bliss, Peanut Butter Chocolate-

I started with the French Vanilla where the crepes is smooth and you can take your time and breath in the vanilla fragrance. The layered of the mille crepe are well made and indulge totally with it. Each mouthful of the crepes are sinfully delicious. Each of every mouthful of the crepes is indulging my taste buds and more over it is not too sweet.

We also tried the Raspberry Cheese Yogurt which is inspiring too. There is a blend of raspberry in between of the crepes which turns to be good and delicious fare. The cheese is not too thick nor too cheesy but the blend is just nice.

If you are a coffee lover, it would be a good choice to get a try on its Coffee Bliss. Coffee Bliss is a great combination flavor for coffee lover blend. The blend of the coffee which is in the mille crepes is well mixed together and it is just a right blend with the fragrance of coffee in it.

Raspberry Peanut butter is my favorite mille crepes as it has a thick and fragrant peanut butter in between and what’s more is the raspberry which is not too sour and it makes well together with the crepes. It makes a great blend together which I love the most.

A Green Tea lover would fall in love in it which is the Matcha Latte. The green tea flavors are very significant in it with the red beans in between. If you are a fans of green tea, I can say it would a good choice and your favorite item.

Peach Passion is a sweet delights where it is one of the best seller too. The blend is just good and the taste is not too sweet.

Oreo Cookies and Cream brings a blend of the chocolate cookies which is children favorite together with it.

Not only mille crepes, Humble Beginnings do serve cheese cake too. Chocolate Chip Mocha Cheese and Almond Brittle Cheese is some of the items which are being served as well. The cheese cake is well made with their high-graded ingredients of cheese. The cake is indeed delicious one with the cheesy texture with it.

Last but not least, we had the Strawberry Mille Sponge where it is made of four layers of sponge cakes. Every layer is filled with the strawberry cream in between and topped with the fresh strawberry on top. The delight is my favorite sponge cake where it just melts in the mouth.

How nice a cup of coffee to accompany with the delicious mille crepe? The coffee is well made and blend by Musetti, a local coffee which is worth trying out and the smells of coffee is simply good and lovely. The cup of cappuccino is a great mix which is well blended coffee beans. Same goes to their refreshing soda such as passion fruit with cucumber soda, passion fruit with lychee soda and many more which is especially available in Humble Beginnings.

Humble beginnings started as an online shop, so there is no reason not to try. They delivers to KL, PJ, JB, Penang & Singapore (deliver charges depending on areas), you can also choose to pick up (no additional charges). More info about delivery, visit their website for more details on the charges as well as the choices of mille crepes and cake available in their menu.
Humble Beginnings
30, Jalan Telawi Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03 2282 8035 (Bangsar)
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: HumbleBeginningsMilleCrepe


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