Christmas comes early for me this year. We had our this year early Christmas in Grand Millennium Hotel where there are numerous of lovely food being served to our plates. We started with the Christmas Delights which is plentiful where you can enjoy a variety of the scrumptious delights.

– Australian Roasted Butterball Turkey-

– The Cutted Australian Roasted Butterball Turkey-

Turkey is one of the must to have for Christmas and we had the Australian Roasted Butterball Turkey, roasted lamb leg, salads and cakes. The turkey was well roasted and well served with the condiments with it. The turkey is tender and well accompanied with the sauce.

– The Lovely Salad-

– The Lovely Salad-

Not only that, they have Christmas salad too for this Christmas. The salad are well served and it is freshly made which is really superb and good.

Next is the Butter Rice which is good and well served as well. The butterrice is well cooked with the great ingridients with it and I am falling in love with it so much.

– Rosemary Studded Roasted Lamb Leg-

– The Cutted Rosemary Studded Roasted Lamb Leg-

– Grilled Codfish in Lobster Emulsion-

– Another Christmas Delights-

Other highlights for the Christmas includes the Rosemary Studded Roasted Lamb Leg,Grilled Codfish in Lobster Emulsion and many more for this Christmas.

And one of my favorites is the Thai-style Chicken where the chicken is being breadcrumb and it is being deep fried and added with the scrumptious Thai sauce as well and slices of mango with it. I love the spiciness of the dish which is a highlight of it.

– The Tempura Prawns-

– The other variety in buffet-

– The other variety in buffet-

The Spread of buffet also serves a tempura prawns as well,and what more is the spread of buffet which have lots of cold items- like clams, prawns, oysters and many more. Not only that, you can have scrumptious of the main course too like Malaysian favourites satay, some Chinese cuisines and more.

You may have the chocolate foundae to be accompanied in the buffet spread too..

Not only that, I am falling in love with the cakes and it is well made with the details on it. They have the Chocolate Yule Log Cake which is superb where the cakes is being topped with pieces of chocolates as well as macarons with it. The Christmas Log cake is superbly wonderful and I am really fall in love with it where the chef had added mull with it which tastes like having some brandy with it.

– Christmas Loaf cake-

– Christmas Fruit Cake-

– Christmas Fruit Cake-

– Minced Pie-

– The Cookies-

Not only that, they do served the Christmas Loaf cake, Christmas Fruit Cake, cookies as well as Minced Pie there. The spread of the meals are lovely and taste good too. So, why not enjoy your upcoming Christmas with family.
The Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner costs RM148++ per person, and the Christmas Day Brunch cost RM88++ per person.
Aside, you may opt for the Family Meal which is at RM 450++ which comes with turkey, salad and soup, and also the Yule cake. So, heads to Grand Millenium Hotel with family and friends to celebrate your Christmas there.


The Mill Café
Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

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