Restaurant Leong Ya Indah is one of our visit with a blogger friend. We had a heavy meal in the evening and we are thinking to have something light for the day. Thinking to grab a taste of yong tau fu, we headed to Puchong to have yong tau fu as well as their recommended Paper Wrapped Chicken.

– The Yong Tau Fu-

The restaurant is located at the corner shop and there are a variety of delights to taste there. We ordered a bowl of yong tau fu which is good as well. The yong tau fu is well served and the fishballs which is being served are also bouncy. I am loving the texture of the yong tau fu where the fish balls are really chewy and bouncy as well. Overall, the food here is nice and appetizing too and it is fresh as well.

Another famous item which is served here is the Paper Wrapped Chicken which is where the chicken is well wrapped and the texture of the chicken is very tender. The combination of the overall delights is amazingly lovely and I am loving it so much.

Restoran Leong Ah
95, Jalan Kenari 23,
Bandar Puchong Jaya.
Tel: 03-80755579,
HP: 012-6579140

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