The Checkers Cafe is located on the first floor of the Hotel. This all day dining restaurant offers a wide array of local and international fare. This restaurant has a seating capacity for 150 persons. The restaurant is well located at the second floor of the hotel and it is offering a semi buffet meals with a choice of western food. The service is good where we are well served and a lovely greetings while entering to their restaurant. Dorsett Regency KL brings us with a great feast of the month with the theme of East Meet West. Here, you can find a variety of cuisines from Eastern and Western and it is being prepared by the experienced Executive Chef Yau.

In here, you can have the buffet at the semi buffet style for dinner. This is where diners can enjoy appetizers, light mains and desserts from the buffet counter, while at the same time order one mains from the menu. We start of with the buffet where they have many foods for us to start of. A healty combination to start off the buffet spread where you can have This is where you can enjoy a variety of fresh vege such as cucumber, spread of vegetables, cherry tomato and more. Besides, the variety of salad, you may touched up your delights with the variety of sauce like thousand island sauce, italian dressing or french dressing.

Besides salads,there is also cold appetizers which is in the spread of buffet.There is a variety of salads from potato salad, turkey salad,seafood salad and even more to choose.

For those who prefer more cold appetizers, they have smoked hams, fresh prawns, oysters, and mussels too in their buffet spread.

– The Variety of cheese-

– The Variety of Buns-

Breads and cheese are not forgotten in the buffet spread. They do have a variety of buffet spread to grab like the blue cheese, cheddar cheese, adam cheese and more. It would be lovely if we have them with the soft texture buns.

– The Japanese Delights-

Not only that, they have Japanese delights too. Here we goes with the variety of maki as well as sushi as well.

Now we are going to our mains.Chicken Schnitzel with Avocado Mousse and Mornay Prawn is where the chicken is being battered and it is being deep fried till perfection. The chicken meat which is being used is the drumstick and the portion goes well together with it with the big prawns. The tender juicy chicken is well accompanied together with the squids makes the meal even more perfect.

For Fish lover like me, I would never miss the Grilled Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce and sautéed vegetable and garlic flakes. The Norwegian flew salmon is fantastically made with the fresh and fatty salmon flesh with a light salmon oil with it. It is well made with the juiciness with it makes the overall meal even perfect.

Barramundi Fish Fillet on Risotto and Slow roasted vegetables was good too. The flaky fish meat which makes all of our days. The texture is well done with the right amount of juiciness with it.

Australian Lamb Shoulder Chop with Peppery mint Sauce is the next item which is in their list. The lamb shoulder is being served on the skewer and it is well marinated and perfectly grilled. The lamb is also very juicy as well.

Last but not least from the main is the beef. Sous Vide Eye of Beef Rump served with horseradish and Miso Sauce is definitely a right choice. With the big portion, it is well done with the medium rare and the juicy meaty meat was a great one.

There also have chocolate fountain as well. Dip your favorite macarons and delights on it and you can fully enjoy the delights.

If you like to get some rojak, they haveit there too.

Not to forget is the variety of delighting pasteries which is simply indulgin and delicious. We pampered ourselves with the widespread desserts, are prepared beautifully in petite size. We are served with the fruit helly, dobos torte, orange cheese and more and everything at the spread is sinfully delicious.

They have also local kuih as well in their buffet spread in mini sizes.

For fruits lover, they also have a variety of fresh fruits cuts too.

Coffee and tea is also available

How about end your heavy meal with some ice cream instead. The DIY ice cream which is made by Janice is really lovely and well done with chunks of nuts and chocolate chips with it.

The Chef

The promotion is made available from 1st to 30th November for lunch on weedays at RM70.00++ per adults, while dinner is priced at RM60.00 ++ per adult. Children from 4 to 12 years old and senior citizens for 55 years and above will enjoy 50% discount on the buffet price.For lunch, everything is in buffet style. However, one can pick up the cost saving lunch which offers a potpourri of appetizer, main course and dessert choices. Appetizers are priced at RM20++ per person, main course is priced at RM30++ per person and desserts are priced at RM20++ per person. A special 20% discount is applicable for diners which choose the cost saving lunch.

Checkers Cafe
Dorsett Regency Kuala Lumpur
172 Jalan Imbi Pudu,
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 03-2716-1000 ext 188
Website: www.dorsettregency.com/kualalumpur

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