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Watami had open their new outlet located in Paradigm Mall which is a yet a nice restaurant to visit for a dine with family and friends. The restaurant is bringing a casual experience where you may share your meals and enjoying your delight in a casual way with friends and family. I am just loving having a dine there where they have an extensive menu to share with family and friends.

Bariuma Tera Karaage is one of the item which is being served in Watami. This is where the chicken wings is being deep fried till crispiness and served together with the special sauce with it. The delights is giving us a sweet and yet a tasty sauce. The delights is simply scrumptious and I love the tender juicy meat where it is a definite a plate is not enough for us.
Price: RM 14.90

Kanu Tappuri Cream Croquette is bringing us a delighting delicious meal. The crabmeat cream croquette is crispy in the outside and bring the cheezy texture in ith inside. It is well served together with their tongatzu sauce which is simply lovely and creamy.
Price: RM 15.90 (2 pcs)/ RM 8.90( 1 pc)

– The Wafu Touban Gyu Steak-
– The Wafu Touban Gyu Steak-

– The Wafu Touban Gyu Steak-

If you are a beef lover, never missed their wafu touban gyu steak whcih is indeed delicious with tender meat. The beef short ribs are being grilled on your own with the small little bbq pans together with sweet potato and pumpkin together. It is being served together with the delighting ponzu and ginger sauce with it. With this, the delights will be getting more delicious with the sauce together as well as the tender juicy meat.
Price: RM 27.90

-Kani Kamameshi-

Kani Kamameshi is one of my favorites. The delighting Crab Meat Pot Rice is one of my favorites and it is recommended to be served after 20 minutes. The portion is good enough for one where the bowl of delights are being served with fresh crab stick, crab meat, shamiji mushrooms, burdock and mushroom. I love the soft rice texture with the nice fragrance of it.
Price: RM 24.90

If you love some sashimi, Salmon Sashimi Don is one if the dish with the fresh salmon with it.There are about 6-8 pieces of fresh salmon which is served together with it. The texture of the rice is tender and juicy with the salmon in it. It is being served with the seafood sauce on it as well.
Price: RM 22.90

For Beef Lover, you will be definite to fall in love with the Beef Rice Bowl with the Hot Spring Egg in Tokyo Style . The dish where the beef is being shimmered and being well cooked with juiciness in it. It’s rice is well moisturized due to the eggs which is being served together on it.
Price: RM 22.90

How about some Japanese desserts. Shiratama Cream Anmitsu is one of the recommended desserts. The Maccha Ice cream which is served together with the Anmitsu Dumpling is a perfect match. The delights is bringing the light sweet and smooth desserts of textures and it is not too sweet which I love the most.
Price: RM 11.90

– The Chocolate Banana In Toast bread-

Not to forget is the Chocolate Banana In Toast Box where this is one of the signatures and the outlet only prepared it 2 only on weekdays and 4 on weekends. This is because the preparation for this is taking a long time and lots of works. The bread are being frozen and chilled and then it is being toasted. Served with ice cream on it, and plentiful of fruits as well. This includes caramelized banana, blueberry, strawberry and raspberry. The portion is big and ingredients are plentiful and tantalizing.

Fresh Kiwi Mojito

Purple Sweet Potato Shake

Watami Malaysia @ Paradigm Mall
Lot 07, Level 1, Paradigm Mall,
1, Jalan SS7/ 26A, Kelana Jaya,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
T: +603-7886 9661

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