Dim Sum Restaurant is blooming an we are being located in the row of chophouses. Old Friends Dim Sum is located at Taman Damai Utama, which is relatively new residential area further in from Bandar Kinrara 5.The restaurant is well renovated and it is decorated with antique table and chairs with it. The restaurant is being handled by a experience dim sum chef which the chef and restaurant owner would love to bring a quality dim sum with an affordable price to residents around.

We started trying the Steamed Garuper Fish Paste with Ginger Topping. This is one of the signature delights from the chef. The garuper fish is being steamed with the chopped onions from Bentong. It creates a yummy delights with soft and fresh texture.
Price: RM 7.00

Scallop Sprouts Siew Mai is where the dim sum are being steamed with the prawns inside and layered with thier signature recipes and egg white in it. The taste of the freshly made delights is good and it creates the tender texture of the delights. The prawns are well wrapped in noodles. It is very lovely of the dish where the chewiness of the noodles encasing the succulent prawns.
Price: RM 7.00

I love the crispy texture with dim sum. The deep fried yam paste is served hot and with the crispy delights. It is well made with the crispy feeling of the texture and I just love the tender and juicy yam texture in it.
Price: RM 6.00

-Deep Fried Vietnamese Style Meat Ball-

If you love something with some light spiciness, the Deep Fried Vietnamese Style Meat Ball is a good choice. The meat balls are being stuffed with ingredients and it then being deep fried till golden brown to be served. The meat balls are bouncy in the texture and each bites of it does give a light pepper taste in it.
Price: RM 8.00

Stemed Carrot Cake is the next dim sum which is being served. The carrot cake is being steamed till the soft texture of the carrot cake and it is topped with the chilly oil paste on top which creates spiciness in it.
Price: RM 7.00

One of the signatures are also the fried carrot cake which is being served with it. The carrot cake are well prepared by the chef and being cutted to pieces and being stir fried with the bean sprout with it. The carrot cake are well fried and the texture is soft in the inside.
Price: RM5.00

Something special in the meal will be Glutinous Rice Ball. This is where the Glutinous Rice are being served alike dim sum and it is being steamed till hot before it is being served.
Price: RM 6.50

Fried Beancurd Rolls with Shrimp is where the fresh shrimps are being served wrapped and well deep fried. I love the fresh texture of the prawns. It is then being served with mayonnaise and it is well served together with the crispy dish.
Price: RM 7.00

Some special delights which is the banana red bean rolls attracted me. The little cute delights is being served where the banana is being wrapped together with the red bean paste with it. It is then being wrapped with the crispy texture and being deep fried with crispiness in the outside and the piping hot texture in the inside.
Price: RM 7.00

Next is the Saigon Paper Wrapped Chicken is bringing the taste of the light pandan chicken taste wrapped with the pandan leaves and paper.
Price: RM 7.00

Dumpling with chilly and Vineger is indeed a dish where the dumpling is being steamed and added with the chilly oil and vinegar with it. The delights is simply lovely and it has the light spiciness with it.
Price: RM 7.00

Lo Mai Kai
Price: RM 5.50

Steamed Shrimp Dumpling is served with the succulent fresh prawns meat. Unfortunately, the skin of the dumplings is a slightly thicker.
Price: RM 6.00

Steamed Rice with BBQ Pork
Price: (NIL)

Steamed Rice Rolls with “Yao Tiao”
Price: (NIL)

Both the drinks of Old friends water chestnuts and is home made longan drink is simply good . This is where the chef cooked the ingredients freshly in the kitchen and it is all using hand made.

Address: Jalan Damai Utama 2,
Taman Damai Utama,
47180 Puchong, Selangor
Phone: 012-236-1982
8am–2:30pm, 6–10pm


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    We’ve been looking for a good dim sum restaurant in KL for a while now and this one looks good esp when they offer the cheong fun with yao tiao – our favourite! Btw how much did you order?! :)

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