I am a Ice cream fans and it is indeed scary for me to have ice cream as we can grow fatter with ice cream. The ice creams for New Zealand Naturals is a good choice for me and the taste is indeed a very delicious one with they had come with full -cream flavours like Kiwi, Durian and more. Their ice creams are LOW-FAT ice creams, 97% FAT-FREE frozen yogurt or 99% FAT-FREE sorbets. With their wide selection, there is absolutely no reason not to indulge on some of that natural goodness.

But, this round we visited their latest outlet in Setia City Mall which have the contemporary style which is indeed very cosy feel with the beautiful view outside. To complement the new look, many new items have been added to the menu where they had added a selection of sinful pastries, waffles and muffins.

– Tiramisu-
– Tiramisu-

Tiramisu is what we had started with for the day. The coffee which is being infused in the sponge and it is being layered with the creamy mascarpone cheese filling. It is then being topped with the tantalising dark cocoa powder. I am just loving the taste of the taste of the cocoa powder and the creamy texture of it.The tiramisu taste is very fragrant with the cocoa powder which I simply fall in love with it.

-Chocolate Brulee-

Chocolate Brulee is indeed a delectable desserts to dine with. The chocolate brulee is being served with the fluffy chocolate sponge and it is filled with the creamy brulee custard filling which is covered with the rich bittersweet chocolate ganache. The delights is not too sweet but it is very filling with the thick chocolate which is in it.
Price :RM 9.90

If you love muffins, here you go with the few choices of muffins to choose for. Each of every muffins which is served are hot and I love the fresh tangy wild blueberries which is being filled with it.It is not too sweet and I love the little blueberries with it. Lovely muffins instead.
Price: RM 6.00

The also have the Triplr Chocolate Muffins which gave a rich taste of chocolate in it. The muffins was perfecly well made with the thick taste of chocolate. The muffins are tender and it is well served.
Price: RM 6.00

Double Chunky Chocolate is where the soft, moist and chewy cookies is bieng served. The cookies is very rich with the chocolate chips which is served together with it. Yummylicious
Price:RM 4.50

If you are a fans of cinnamons, perhaps you may grab a try of the soft, moist, and chewy oatmeal cookies with the plum raisins with it. The delights gives a lovely sweet taste on it which I love the most.
Price: RM 4.50

– Truffle Speck-
– Truffle Speck-

We ended with a nice Ice cream cake for the day. The cakes which is being well served with the full ice cream and the cookies base with it,is indeed one of my favorites. Truffle Speck, a choco chop vanilla ice cream had indulge my taste buds with the taste of the creamy icy chocolate taste which is filling the tummy.
Price: RM 98.00

Waffle Dazzle had end our meals perfectly with the savouring delicious armony of ice cream flavor which we had the kiwi for this time. It is then being topped on the golden Belgian waffle as well as honey and chocolate sauce. The ice cream has made us falling in love with it
Price: RM 9.90

L2K11, Level 2,7,
Persiaran Setia Dagang,
Bandar Setia Alam,
Seksyen U13, Shah Alam,
TEL:03 3358 6680


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