Dynasty Restaurant is a place for lovely dim sum and chinese cuisine. The restaurant is impressing me when I first walk in where the interior is simply beautiful and the place is elegantly designed as well. The early Saturday morning is really lovely with the pipping hot dim sum in front of me. We are being served with the menu and there is a variety over 30 types of dim sums to choose.

Looking at the menu, everything looks delicious and appetizing which I would love to have them all. There is a variety of the temptating and freshly made dim sum which is lovely made.

Steamed Mini Beijing Dumpling, where the dumpling is where the dumplings are being wrapped with fresh vegetables and if you are a vegetable lovers, you will be a definate to fall in love with it.
Price RM 8.80

Pan Fried Beancurd Skin Roll Filled with Cheese is something special as well. The scrumptious juicy dim sum which is combination of fish ball meat and the minced prawn is really lovely. It’s then deep fried till golden brown and topped with the decent lovely sauce which makes the whole dish amazing. I love the crunchy taste of the dim sum and the overall combination of the dim sum is well made.
Price RM 9.80

We also had the Pan fried Bean Curd Vegetarian Roll where the bean curd skin is specially served with the sweet sauce which is simply savory and delighting. The texture of the dim sum is nice and authentic and brings a great bites to have and share together.
Price RM 7.80

Calling next is the Emperor Dumpling where the dumpling is made of thin skin and it is all about vegetables in it. It is the vegetarian dim sum which is where we can find minced mengkuang, as well as finely sliced mushroom in it. The overall taste is really great with the thin crust and it is really filling too.
Price RM 8.80

This dim sum is one of my favorites- Seafood Phoenix Dumpling where the dim sum is filled with the big scrumptious delighting prawns in it. It is topped with fish roe as well as shark-fin on top which made the overall dim sum is so delicious. Aside, the dumpling is really well wrapped and it is also very juicy as well.
Price RM 9.80

Next is the Steamed Crystal Dumpling which is where it is served with a layer of thin abalone on top of the dim sum. the dim sum is really appetizing with the great texture and big prawns with it. The abalone which is topped on top is really tangy and delighting as well.
Price RM 9.80

Next is the Crystal Chives Dumpling which is really flavorful. The dim sum which is served is full of chives taste and the it’s size of the dim sum is also a big one. The overall taste comes well together and it is juicy too.
Price RM 9.80

We ended with the Crispy Chive Biscuit Filled with Srimps which is one of the speciality. The shrimps and the chives are being wrapped with a thin crust and being deep fried till crunchiness. the combination of it is quite special and with a bite of it, the burst of the juicy prawns combined with the chives is incredibly good. It is also well made and the taste is crunchy too.
Price RM 10.80

130 Jalan Ampang
55000 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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