Kee’s Creampuffs is located in Subang, with a nearby landmark being The Summit Subang USJ shopping mall. The shop which is painted in yellow and here you go today for the creampuff. It is a newly opened shop and previously it is a home based and online business. And now, they business had expended to having their first outlet in Subang Jaya.

Thanks to Ivy from FOOD to bring me the savory creampuff from Kee. There will be up to 25 flavors of the creampuff available in the box. The creampuff packed in the classy yellow box is really stunning and I love it so much. Various types of fillings are available to choose from, including amongst others vanilla custard, chocolate, coffee, mocha, and strawberry. What is special about the creampuff is it is freshly made with no preservative. With this, the creampuff can keep up to 2days in fridge and it should served in chill.

We sampled the creampuff which is being served and the filling is plentiful as well. The creampuff served was well-made and the not too sweet as well. The cream which was inside the puff was plentiful and it is worth for the money.

One of its signature tart, Classic Creampuff is really heavenly with the light cream and the taste is not too sweet as well. Besides, I am falling in love with it as the mouth watering tart is filling up my tummy though even I had completed my dinner. I could say the tarts is really light and healthy choices though for a snack for my supper when I am doing my blogging.

Besides, there are more to choose as well and one of my favorites is the chocolate cream puff where they topped above with the thick chocolate flavors with it. It is cute and special and with each of every bites, I can savour the delectable sweet chocolate with it.

– The Variety of Creampuff

– The variety of Cream Tarts-

– The chocolate Creampuff-

– The chocolate Creampuff-

Kee’s Classic sells at RM 1.50/pc for purchases less than 10pcs and RM 1.30/pc for purchases above 10 pcs. Box of 25 and 50pcs priced at RM 1/pc and the box of 100 would cost you RM 95. If you love to order your creampuff,it is possible to call them up to make your order or even get your booking done via facebook. The creampuff will be there fresh and the finger snacks will be a definate favorites. You may cater Kee’s Cream puffs which can be cater for parties, events in the office, birthday, wedding or any celebration.

We would like to thanks Ivy from Food for helping us to collect the creampuff as well as providing us with the photoes as well. Thanks Kenneth for such a lovely creampuff and introducing us the lovely creampuff.

30-G, Jalan USJ 9/5Q
Subang Business Centre
47620 Selangor
Tel:017 – 301 9688


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