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The Shepherdoo is a modern Latin American restaurant offering Tex-Mex food and is suitable for familes with kids. The restaurant is indeed a cozy place and with relaxing environment. The restaurant is well placed at the Centro Mall and I am simply in love with it as well where there is a lovely garden concept and a like a small house. With only one aim in mind, the “Chefs Gone Wild” team at The Shepherdoo go all out on a wild ride to delight people to savour their meals all year round to ensure satisfaction.

We start of with 4 choices of different types of starters. We started with “The Shepherdoo’s Tapas Platter” . The platter is indded worth for the price itself. The portion is well made to be serve for 4 pax and the portion is really lovely to be shared. The food includes calamares, peri-peri chicken, corn chips, Quesadilla de Hongo and Buffalo wings. The taste is also having a light spiciness and the overall taste is really temptating. Price: RM 29.90

Pizza de Mexicana is one of the chef recommendation item in the menu. This is where the tortilla crust is being served with the grilled mix peppers, dried crushed chilli, sweet white onions, red sauce and mozzarella cheese. The pizza is indeed mouthwatering wih the crispy as well as spicy with it. Price: RM 13.90

Next will be the Pollo Nachoswhich is where the home made fried corn tortilla chips is served with the with grilled chicken topping, smothered with melted cheddar cheese, sour cream, jalapenos, salsa and guacamole. It is indeed very good in the taste where the nachos is crunchy and with the light spicy and soury sauce which comes with it, the taste overall is really great and amazingly done. It is indeed a great choice of light bites with a cup of beer too. Price: RM 17.90

Patatas Bravasis another starters to try too. The Patatas Bravas is where the fried baby potatoes is topped in a spicy sace of tomato, garlic, smoked chilli sauce and lemon aioli. The taste is coming with the light spiciness and the portion is indeed filling as well. Price: RM8.90

Some greeny for the day? Here you go with the Grilled Chicken Ceasarwhich is indeed a healthy delights of the day. This is where the romaine lettuce is being tossed with turkey bacon, egg, croutons, cherry tomatoes, parmesan cheese. It is then being topped with the sweet soury home deressing which is The Shepherdoo’s authentic dressing. The greenies are crunchy as well as the fresh as well. Price: RM 18.90

Combo Fajitais one of the famous Mexican delights. The gourmet fajitas is being served traditionally on a sizzling hot skillet with mixed peppers and onions, tossed with our own The Shepherdoo’s blend of spices which is indeed very unique. It is then served together with the sour cream, guacamole plus homemade salsa along with warm flour tortillas. The dish is indeed bringing a good taste where the meat is simply tender and juicy and with the flavors, it makes the meal very mouthwatering too. Price: RM 34.80

Pierna Rojo Vivois one of my favorites in The Shepherdoo too. This is where the chicken thigh is being marinated and it is then pan-fried with the light spiciness with it. Then, it is being served with the chilled portato salad as well as the papaya salsa and the fresh greens as well. The chicken meat is indeed tender and well made and marinated. It is indeed mouth watering too and I love it till the last bites of it. Price: RM 25.90

Pollo Quesadillais another Mexican delights which is being served in  The Shepherdoo and the delights is well served with the greenie look and it is indeed a healthy serving as well. This is where the tortilla is being stuffed with the flame grilled chicken strips, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese and mix greens toasted on the char-grill. The quesadilla is then bein fold and it is then immersed into hot oil until the exterior looks golden and crispy. Price: RM 19.80

Chicken Parmigiana ala Mexicanois indeed well made items too. This is where the breaded fresh chicken breast is being baked together with the red tomato sauce which turns to be very delighting to me too. The breaded chicken breast made it so well where the meat is tender and it can mix well together with the red tomato sauce with it. It is served with the delighting crunchy golden brown curly fries and the fresh greenies together with it as well. Price: RM 22.50

Cordero Horneadois one of the lamb delights where lamb lovers will be definite to fall in love with the tantalizing lamb meat. The Cajun spiced rubbed lamb shoulder is where lamb shoulder is where the lamb is well grilled and served with the roasted garlic mash potatoes, crisp salad & cucumber yoghurt sauce. The lamb meat is having a tender and juicy meat which makes us really fall in love wit it. Price: RM 27.80

Filete del Solomillo is one of the signature’s of the outlet where  The Shepherdoo had choose a premium beef sirloin steak to serve to the customers. This is where the premium beef sirlion steak is being cut and it is then being flame-grilled. The portion is indeed a generous one and it is being served together with shallot butter, mash potatoes, sauteed seasonal vegetables and their home recipies of the reduced brown sauce. Price: RM 43.90

Next comes another signature too of the outlet which is The Shepherdoo’s Gringo Burger. The juicy beef patty is made from the premium South American topside and it is served together with the turkey bacon, egg, lemon mayo, and cheddar cheese on top. The portion is indeed a generous one where it is indeed a juicy delights with the scrumptious of curly fries and salad as well. Price: RM 23.80

Pasta ala Pollois indeed a special dish as well and is really delicious too. The Mexican rubbed chicken breast is being char-grilled with the caramelized pineapple and tomato relish on a bed of sauteed spinach pasta. As I am not a spinach lovers, I felt that it is well made and the taste overall is simply amazingly nice as well. Price: RM 20.80

Cinnamon Wafer Tortilla

Another View of Cinnamon Wafer Tortilla

Cinnamon Wafer Tortillais a crispy golden tortilla triangles with drizzles of caramel sauce, cinnamon sugar, whipped cream and vanilla ice-cream. The ice cream with the wafer with it is indeed really appetizing nd it is very nice as well. It is not too sweet and the delights is well made and delicious as well. Price: RM 8.50

Bread & Butter Puddingis another delights which is not to be missed too. The serving comes with the moist and creamy of bread, eggs with peaches & pineapples slice. Price: RM 9.00

The Shepherdoo’s Sweet Treasuresis indeed one of our favorites. The delights is served in the mini coin sized pancake and it is being topped with fresh strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, marshmallows, ice-cream & warm chocolate sauce. It is indeed a sweet and a slight salty bites. It is indeed very good and I love the marshmallow and the well made mini coin pancakes. Price: RM 12.00

Absolute Sundaeis indeed a rich desserts where you may grabs a lots of treasures in the cup where you may find the cookie crumbs, bananas, strawberries, cream and dark chocolate in a cup and you may dig to find some of the treasures in it. The delights is making me falling in love with it and I love the sweet and the crunchy taste of the crumbs found inside. Price: RM 10.00 Aside, we had get to try some of the beautiful drinks too.

Mango Smoothies (Ice, Milk & Vanilla blended well with Le Sirop de Monin) Price: RM 13.90

Mandarin Spree-A combination of Mint, Tangerine, Lime, Orange & Soda Price: RM 13.90

Tropical Summer– A combination of Passion Fruit, Tangerine, Mango, Lime & Soda Price: RM 13.90

Mojito TeaPrice: RM 9.50

Classic Margarita– A combination of Tequila, triple sec & lime blended & served on salt-rimmed martini glass Price: RM 21.90

Crown Float– A combination of Half strongbow & Half Guinness Price: RM 29.90

Kiwi Heineken– A combination of Kiwi, Vanilla & Ice folded with Heineken Draught Price: RM 24.90

Chocolate BananaPrice: RM14.90

Classic Mojito– A combination of Bulks of Mint, muddled together with Lime, Sugar & Rum topped with Soda Price: M24.90

Bed of Roses – A combination of Jagermeister, lemon, lime & grenadine topped with cranberry juice Price: RM22.90

Solero Lime Smoothies Price: RM 13.90

Mocha– A mixture of the Coffee Espresso, Milk, Chocolate and Sugar Price: RM 10.50

*Price are subjected to 10% service charge.

The Shepherdoo Entrance Forecourt,

Ground Floor Centro Mall, No 8 Jalan Batu Tiga Lama,

41300 Klang, Selangor DE

Phone 03-3341 5828


FACEBOOK: The Shepherdoo Restaurant and Lounge


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