The Emperor is located on the Mezzanine Level of Grand Dorsett Subang. Stroll over the arch bridge as you enter the elegant restaurant, and admire the traditional Chinese paintings and décor around you as you enjoy a wonderful selection.All food items are halal for the benefit of Muslim diners. Our visit for this round is indeed a delighting unique and authentic Cantonese cuisine which is by the ong Kong Guest Chef Shek Kam Yong.

-沙律金杯虾 & 鹵水墨斗片拼花生-

We started our dining with the Andaman of Sea prawn Salad in Crispy Golden Salad (沙律金杯虾) as well as Braised Sliced Octopus with Groundnuts Mushroom Brown Sauce (鹵水墨斗片拼花生). The meal is indeed a good one. The Sea Prawn Salad is indeed eye catching where the sea prawns salad is served in pai tee form. The sea prawn is simply good which is fresh and serves with some fruit salad in the paitee. It is also being served together with the chef delights which is the Braised Sliced Salad Octopus which is simply springy and the taste is indeed good. Below of the Braised octopus, there is steamed groundnuts whicg is also a jewel to go with it. It is indeed a great combination and we are definite to fall In love with it.
Andaman of Sea prawn Salad in Crispy Golden Salad (沙律金杯虾) : RM 20.00
Braised Sliced Octopus with Groundnuts Mushroom Brown Sauce (鹵水墨斗片拼花生): RM 25.00

Braised Scallop Soup with Yellow Chive (九王带子更 ) is indeed a nice yummy soup to try. The soup is served with scallops and yellow clives as well mushrooms. The soup is indeed flavorful and the brooth is thick as well.
Price: RM 25.00


Stir Fried Red Garoupa Fillet with Yellow Chives served in Noodle Basket (九王雀巢泡班球) is what we had as well. The Garupo fish which is served together in the Noodle Basket is indeed good in the taste. The dish is indeed well presented beautifully with the crafted yam with it. The fish is fresh and well stir fried and I can felt the wok hei of the overall dish.
Price: RM 34.00 (S)/ RM 51 (M)/ RM 85 (L)


Stir Fried French Beans with Minced Meat (干扁四季豆) is where the French Beans is being stir fried with the wok hei and the overall is a taste of wok hei and the minced meat is indeed infused well with the french beans. The dish is bringing back the taste of home cook food.
Price: RM 30 (S)/ RM 45 (M) / RM 75 (L)

Another dish is the Braised Chinese Baby Cabbage with Dried Scallops in Egg White Sauce(干贝娃娃菜) which is indeed well made braised and the baby cabbage is cooked normally cook for Chinese New Year. The dish is indeed soft and it is drenched in a delicious gravy.
Price: RM 30 (S)/ RM 45 (M) ./RM 75 (L)

Stir Fried Prawns with Garlic and Chili (干烧明虾球 ) is another dish which is being served. The dish is having a slight spiciness and the freshness of the prawns is inside indeed makes the whole dish flavoring. The portion is good to share as well as the flavors is indeed a good taste with the nice aroma.
Price: RM 54 (S)/ RM 81 (M) /RM 135 (L)

Stir Fried Boneless Chicken with Hong Kong Prawn Paste (虾酱炒鸡丁) is indeed a delights not to be missed as well. The delights is well made and stir fried. It is the well frid with the wok hei and the chicken meat is indeed tender.
Price: RM 26 (S)/ RM 39 (M) . RM65 (L)

One of our favorites is Crispy Sliced Duck Meat with Pineapple in Sweet & Sour Sauce(炒鴨片). The meat is succulent and there is isn’t any duck smell with it. The flavors were good and the meat were tender as well. We had the feeling of having “Ko Lo Yok” but it is indeed not. The chef is indeed making the dish simply taste and amazingly nice which I would love to have more.
Price: RM 30 (S)/ RM 45 (M) / RM 75 (L)

We also have the Double-boiled Sweet Broth with papaya and White Fungus (木瓜燉雪耳) which is indeed a refreshing delights. The delights is not too sweet and it is indeed a refreshing desserts as well.
Price: RM 20.00

We ended the meal with the sweet delights which is the Rainbow Jelly Cake. The rainbow Jelly Cake is indeed bringing the soft texture of the cakes and it is alike having mashmellow in the mouth. The cake is topped with shredded coconut and the taste is ultimately good and delighting. I love the soft and fluffy texture of the cake as well as the melts in the mouth experience.
Price: TBD

The Emperor Restaurant Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel
Jalan SS12/1
Subang Jaya,
47500 Malaysia
GPS : N03 04.755′ E101 35.808′
Website: http://www.granddorsett.com/subang/

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